About the $200.3 million take for "Marvel's The Avengers."


photo by Zade Rosenthal/Walt Disney Pictures

Captain America (Chris Evans) stands tall among a crowd in “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The Marvel Studios film similarly stood out among its box office competition.

It was actually higher than expected bringing in a total of $207.4 million. That’s a pretty significant increase!

To further put that into perspective. The $7.4 million alone was more than every other film in the top 10 save “Think Like a Man,” which made $8 million in its third week.

  • Fred

    That 7.1 million is probably the most i’ve ever seen early box office estimates be off by. I’ve seen them be off by 2-3 million, but I don’t ever recall them being off by several million. What’s also so strange and unique about The Avengers numbers is when early estimates are off they’re usually always too high, this is one of those rare instances where early estimates we’re actually too low. Even Friday’s numbers which we’re originally reported as 65 million turned out to be 81 million actually. A little trip down memory lane every once in a while is always nice haha.

  • Looking back it was kinda interesting it was so far off. I’m thinking this one won’t be quite so off base.

  • Fred

    I agree, but because AOU is a guarantee to open up with a massive amount of money it’s opening weekend estimates might be off by as much as 3-4 million.