"Marvel's The Avengers" keeps climbing the charts

Hawkeye perched
Photo by Zade Rosenthal/Walt Disney Pictures
Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner, center) prepares for battle in “Marvel’s The Avengers.”

For those record fans out there, “Marvel’s The Avengers” ¬†continues its soaring trend at the box office.

In my last Avengers box office post, I mentioned Monday that on the Top 250 highest grossing U.S. all-time list, Avengers had reached #118 off of its $207.4 million opening weekend bonanza.

By today, it’s already made a pretty sizable leap up the charts to reach #86 and could easily jump another 10 spots before this weekend, when I figure it’ll have another sizable haul since so many people who’ve seen it have said they plan to see it again soon.

Here’s the next round of competition:

#85 – The Bourne Ultimatum – $227.2 million

#84 – Hancock – $227.94 million

#83 – Signs – $227.96 million

#82 – Lost World: Jurassic Park – $229 million

#81 – Cast Away – $233.6 million

#80 – War of the World – $234.2 million

#79 – X-Men: The Last Stand – $234.3 million [this one I’ll be especially happy to see Avengers surpass as I loathe that movie with a passion. Kill off my favorite X-Men, will you?]

#78 – Beverly Hills Cop – $234.7 million

#77 – Shrek Forever After – $238.3 million

#76 – Ghostbusters – $238.6 million

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