Buying off the (comic book) rack Aug. 1, 2012

Steve at Third Eye Comics

The comic expert supreme Steve, from Third Eye Comics again offers up his top choices for this week:



You must get this comic. Trust me — even if you’re not a big superhero fan. Even if you’re not a big Hawkeye fan, just trust me: you will love it.

 The new HAWKEYE series is gorgeous, and a pure joy to read.

 This is seriously top notch Marvel Comics greatness, and we cannot get enough of it. It’s so cool to see a character with such a ‘real world’ kind of skill being set against the context of a bigger-than-life superhero universe.

 I could gush, and gush about it, but all I’ll say is that it takes one of the coolest and most under-used characters in the Marvel Universe, and gives him one of the best creative teams in comics.


Grant Morrison’s epic ACTION COMICS run gets it’s first arc collected into a slick deluxe hardcover from DC Comics this week, and folks, if you’ve been waiting for a must-read SUPERMAN story — this is it!

We’re shown a look at Superman as a brash, arrogant hot-head who has a strong sense of justice, and a strong will to see that it gets served.

In the first issue, he literally throws a crooked politician off a building, and catches him only seconds before he hits the ground; threatening to do this over and over again until he confesses to his crimes.

The reinvention and re-imaginings of the various Superman friends and foes is also very awesome. Lex Luthor is freakin’ downright despicable, and it may be the best villain portrayal of the character yet. Metallo is also just a cool, and the twist that Morrison spins on all of these iconic characters is perfect.


The G1 Transformers saga continues in the new IDW series that picks up where the Marvel series originally ended.

Now, two decades after the final conflict for Cybertron has taken place, there’s a new threat that’s facing both the Autobots and the Decepticons, and that’s what we’re seeing in the new REGENERATION ONE series.

This month, the spotlight shines on ex-Dinobot commander GRIMLOCK, as he continues his quest for a means to restore his ability to change modes, which leads him to Nebulos — a world off-limits to Transformers, where a welcome that’s more incendiary than warm awaits him.

Plus, Kup and the Wreckers find themselves stranded, hunted, and in a whole world of pain.


SPAWN #222 — How can you say no to this cover? :)
The new direction of SPAWN that kicked off in SPAWN #220 (in stock and available still) has us hooked, and we’re loving where they’re taking the book.
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issues 220 and 221 in stock now to catch you up to current. And, as for 222 — just for the WALKING DEAD throwback cover alone, this one is a must-get!
Check out the full list of new releases here!

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