9 comments on “‘Inception’ review

  1. I am sorry I found this movie to be boring as utterly confusing. The effort the writer put in to contrive a story line so complex made the movie interesting as one has to work so hard to understand what is going that there is no enjoyment in watching this movie – just agony and befuddlement. So we disagree but I am 65 and I do not have time to sit through a movie that makes one work so work. I am retired you know. Pierre

    • Hey Pierre

      I had the same argument with my Dad and he said exactly what you stated as to why he didn’t like it. So you’re not alone ;-)
      Thanks for reading and writing!

  2. Great review. I agree with all your points. I loved this when i first saw it and i could watch it over and over, as it’s got so many layers(No pun intended). Just yesterday i was talking with my Brother about the possibility that when his wife “died”, that they were still dreaming(Perhaps she was the one to wake up while he stayed there dreaming the whole time and that the entire plot was a plan by his own subconcious to get himself to wake up), and that she could actually still be waiting for him in the real world the whole time. Probably not but, as you said in your review, it’s great to have a movie that allows you to think and use your own intellect the whole time(The Avengers in comparison, is a great rollercoaster movie that requires you just to watch and enjoy, buit was no less of a movie for it). This movie has you feeling like you were a part of the story, working it out all the way.
    One that i feel is a modern classic already.

    • When I heard about the movie, my first thought was “awww, this is gonna delay the next Batman movie!” Good thing I decided to give it a shot, huh? ;-)

  3. It was indeed a good thing, my friend. Another point of note was the incredible score. It just builds and builds. During the final level where they are all fighting the clock, it’s beautiful music. I always tend to think of score for movies as “modern classical”. It’s great when you hear a score that just blows you away with incredible melodies.

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