8 comments on “Film Flashback: Doomsday (2008)

  1. Never before have i been so glad i never bothered to watch a movie… Your review has made me feel better about never finding the time to watch this. I regard myself as a cinemaphile, but i have found most movies about Scotland fail to capture the essence of the place. I shall steer clear of this even more than i had before… ^_^

    • Its worth it just for the scene where someone gets cooked alive .. the chick Lee Anne (normally a stunt actor) does a really fun evil B*tch, but its not a film designed around scotland (Im a Murray too :P) its just the location, though there is some decent ref to past history with the Wall they make following the old one.

  2. Even that incredible bentley and your words of encouragement will not convince me to watch it, lol. Was it even filmed here in Scotland?

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