2 comments on “New images from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

  1. These movies seem to have an ending every half hour. I watched them all and they remind me of the OLD SERIALS that we saw each Saturday at the Strand Theater on what was Deane Avenue back in the 1950s. You get the same “formula” if you watch the STAR WARS movies carefully too. In the Black Community we called these movies CHAPTER PICTURES, because each week the was different CHAPTER to view. These Tolkien films seem to take that formula and then give a happy ending for each CHAPTER. I kind of tired after about 3 happy endings. I guess at 66 I have seen too many happy endings.

    • I really like that old serial feel of the Star Wars movies. I hadn’t considered that to be the case with the LOTR films, but when I finally get around to watching the Blu-Rays, I’ll have to pay attention to see if I catch that.

      From my perspective, I can never see too many happy endings. Bad movies on the other hand…. ;-)

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