18 comments on “Review: Looper

  1. Just got back from watching it. Absolutely agree, this is a brilliant film overflowing with moral complexity and discussion-worthy questions. For all of its brutality and ethical conundrums, it’s also surprisingly understated. Definitely one of the best films this year.

    • Thanks for the comment and the follow, John!
      I thought Johnson did a great job of not going too over the top with the action to make it comical. It was violent only when necessary.

    • this is thought provoking, the deepest sci fi movie i’ve ever seen in my fifty years. this one will make the text books, enjoyed more than the master, and i liked the master. kudos to johnson and your great review.

      • Thanks reeblite!

        That’s one of the main aspects I loved so much about it. It’s not just action, but it really makes you think about how you’d react in a similar position from both characters’ perspectives.

  2. You mentioned INCEPTION which was much too confusing for me to enjoy. But I hope to see it as you did say it is “original”, which is what I am seeking in films now a days. So, I would not want to miss it.

    • Yeah Pierre. You definitely should appreciate it for not being like every other movie out there and I don’t think it’s as complicated as “Inception.”

  3. I went from reading a great review to sitting in a theatre waiting for this movie to begin just yesterday. I am happy to report my time could not have been better spent! This is what REAL movie-making should be all about. At once intelligent, emotional, suspenseful, thrilling. Looper is easily my pick for best movie of 2012. The cast is sensational…the kid…the kid is utterly amazing. Every actor in this film should pact themselves and their director on the back for a job done right!

    Would I go see it again? You betcha!

    • Very glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did!

      I’m kinda disappointed it has done good, but not great at the box office as this type of film deserves the big box office take.

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  5. Excellent review. If I’ve read your review correctly, you and I seem to agree that the most interesting, the most fundamental, question in the movie is, “If you could kill Adolf Hitler as a child, would you?”

    There are other interesting questions, too, brought up by classic sci-fi movies, including, “Can you kill if you dehumanize your victim?” (Blade Runner and others) and the ol’ chestnut, “If you could go back in time and talk to your past self, what would you say?”

    But I digress.

    Back to the Hitler question. It’s an interesting question with this film because there’s a lot more surrounding it. The writer seems to say, “Would you kill Hitler? Maybe you would because you would assume it’s a cut-and-dried situation, but what if it wasn’t?”

    Old Joe isn’t 100% positive who the Rainmaker is, so the question becomes, “What if you had to kill three children who MAY become Hitler? Would you do it if it meant preventing the Holocaust? Now what if it’s not a Holocaust but a handful of criminals? And they were your friends?”

    But even then it’s more complicated than that because it’s not The Future Old Joe is trying to save; he’s just trying to save his wife and his happy little life off the grid.

    I’ll stop there before I go on and on. Again, thanks for a good read.

    • Thanks for the thoughts Andrew! Appreciate the kind words!

      It was definitely one of my favorites this year and I’m looking forward to it coming out on Blu-Ray to check out again.

      I loved how it actually made you think in addition to having some great action moments and performances.

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