2 comments on “Film Flashback: The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

  1. I remember this movie. It seemed to be using the basic elements of the traditional marital arts movies with a funny drunk, a pretty girl who fights men and of course the Warlord who is a bad guy with many guys for the hero to kick butt on. As I remember I went to see it thinking it was remake the Japanese Classic “The Forbidden City”. I was of course disappointed but never the less I enjoyed the beautiful photography as I think this was a part of trend in these Chinese movies started about that time with the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden – Dragon. But the beauty of the scenery, colors, customs on the pretty young ladies and touching love aspect seemed to vital parts of most of these movies after it. You can say what you want about these films but there are many aspects to them that provide entertainment to the viewer.

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