Box office roundup – Oct. 21, 2012 – Paranormal Activity 4 has scary box office haul

1. Paranormal Activity 4 – $33 million [debut week] This franchise has always seemed very limited to me and its appeal has totally escaped me. While the fourth installment took the box office crown, it may be losing some favor with audiences as this was down about $20 million from “Paranormal Activity 3’s” $52 million take. Don’t expect a long shelf life here.

Claire Folger/Warner Bros. Pictures
[From left] JOHN GOODMAN as John Chambers, ALAN ARKIN as Lester Siegel and BEN AFFLECK as Tony Mendez in “ARGO,” a presentation of Warner Bros. Pictures in association with GK Films

2. Argo – $15 million [$40 million; 2nd week] – Ben Affleck’s drama wasn’t expected to leave the Top 5 anytime soon and it had a modest drop to retain second place. This is a genuine Oscar contender so word of mouth and buzz should only increase as more people see it.

3. Taken 2 – $12.5 million [$105 million; third week] The two-time box office champ dropped a couple of spots, but it was enough to send it over the $100 million mark. The original grossed a total of $145 million and this looks to be on pace to easily exceed that. Audiences clearly enjoy watching Liam Neeson as an action star.

Sidney Baldwin/Summit Entertainment
Tyler Perry stars in “Alex Cross.”

4. Alex Cross – $11 million [debut week] On the other hand… maybe audiences prefer watching Tyler Perry in a wig and dress. “Alex Cross” is Perry’s lowest grossing film by far. His February drama, “Good Deeds,” had marked the lowest, but it brought in a respectable $35 million. His latest Madea “comedy,” “Madea’s Witless Protection” debuted to $65 million. Not good for Perry’s efforts to be taken as a more serious actor.

Sony Pictures

5. Hotel Transylvania – $9 million [$120 million; fourth week] This animated has become a monster hit (pun intended) for Sony as it is the only other fall release save “Taken 2” that has reached the $100 million mark.

  • Pierre Mooney

    Well we are in agreement there. I am really sick of all the paranormal kind off thing. I think the “poltergeist thing” played out with the little girl talking to TV years ago and between the AMITYVILLE and those 2 crazy FBI agents who by the way made a ton of money of it – I am very tired of “paranormal activities in general. I am enjoying the comical return of “munsters” theme films and in cartoon form which are just hysterical to me. But then the munsters always made me laugh. Great entertainment.

    I must try to catch “ALEX CROSS”. I think Mr. Perry can afford and has a right to try another type of film. Most Black women will stick with his “Madea Movies” as long as they make BLACK men look funny and inept. I am hoping he has some good ideas how portray a strong man “who just happens to be a man of color. Wesley Snipes was doing wonderful at it, until he some how began to believe he could get away with not paying his taxes. Well, it is something his movie characters could do. But really Wesley – after all it is only make believe my Brother.(smile)