New on DVD/Blu-Ray – Oct. 23, 2012

For all of you keeping track at home, my birthday is Saturday. I’ll happily continue accepting gifts through the month however (ha-ha).

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Easily my guilty pleasure through October. A fun, goofy premise that happily takes its historical liberties with one of America’s most revered presidents. History buffs may not like it, but action fans like me will.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
(From left) ADAM RODRIGUEZ as Tito, KEVIN NASH as Tarzan, Photo
CHANNING TATUM as Mike, MATT BOMER as Ken, and JOE MANGANIELLO as Big Dick Richie.

Magic Mike – Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and even “Big Daddy Cool Diesel” Kevin Nash strip for your viewing pleasure and to show the sordid life of the American male stripper. Not to worry. I’m not here to judge.

Photo credit: KC Bailey/Lionsgate Publicity
Kate Needleman (Denise Richards) and Madea (Tyler Perry) in TYLER PERRY’S MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION.

Madea’s Witless Protection – This is some shrewd scheduling by Lionsgate. Right after Tyler Perry’s first action movie “Alex Cross” comes out, they release the latest Madea “comedy” as she hosts a Wall Street investor and his family as they try to avoid detection from the mob. Sounds like an instant classic to me.

I, Robot 3D – One of Will Smith’s biggest hits gets the 3D treatment. A cop with a vendetta against robots is assigned a case where a robot may have rebelled against its programming and killed its master. The 2004 special effects looked a bit dated on Blu-Ray, but hopefully they got a fresh new glossy bit of 2012 shine for its 3D debut.

  • Pierre Mooney

    This movie was just bad. “Guilty Pleasure” it ain’t – call it whatever – but you have to say it was a bad movie . Action film folks would have to agree that is skunk and that has nothing to do with history. The question is “why was this movie even made.” I guess they assumed the present “Vampire Craze” would sell a few tickets. Man, you have to be real if you are indeed a serious critic or hope to be one. A dog is dog. I happen to be on long long flight so I was a they say “captured.” But anyone who actually paid money to see it was robbed. I have more regard for your intellect than this review – unless this is this is just a joke!! I do hope it is.