First look at World War Z

I loooooove zombie movies, zombie video games and zombie TV shows. I’m in the process of arm-building Cobra Zombie Viper action figures because the combination of G.I. Joe and Cobra Zombies is too great to pass up. My friends took me to a Field of Screams for zombie paintball for my birthday. And it was AWESOME.

So I’m a little nuts for zombie stuff. Anyway, here’s the first look at Brad Pitt’s new film, “World War Z.” Guess what the “Z” stands for?

Jaap Buitendijk/Paramount Pictures
Brad Pitt (center) is Gerald Lane in WORLD WAR Z, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions in association with Hemisphere Media Capital and GK Films.

In the film, Pitt plays a U.N. employee traveling the globe in hopes of stop a zombie outbreak. Rick Grimes he’s not, but this sounds like my kind of movie and I’ll be excited to check it out when it arrives on June 21, 2013.


  • Pierre Mooney

    Well Jeffery, me myself am growing a little tied of the Zombies. I know Zombies and Vampires are in right now. But I am hoping that we are nearing the end. Time for something new besides Apoliptic – last people on earth, Zombies, Vampires theme.
    Actually, I can understand why the Vampire theme with sexual connotations has lasted so long and the end of the world has the always depend Religious underpinning, which make it a part of psychic. The Zombie thing just baffles me and I am growing disinterested in it now my friend.

  • Barry Murray

    In the book, the main character is globe trotting to get everyone’s stories of how they survived the zombie war, and he is compiling an oral history ten years after the war was “won”.
    I was afraid with Brad Pitt that they would turn it into an action movie where only he can save humanity.
    Looks like I was right…

  • Have you seen any zombie movies you liked? It’s more of a new sub-genre like comic book movies. Think they’ll be here for awhile until someone comes up with the next big thing.

  • Did you like the book Barry? I could see how that may not translate too well into a movie without looking like a zombie version of “Lost.”

  • Barry Murray

    Loved the book. I have read it maybe three times cover to cover. I wondered how they were going to turn it into an action movie with one main character… I suppose if it’s reworked so that Pitt is sent around the world to solve the problems as they arise, or perhaps just to document them, that will explain it. But the whole point of the book was that our society crumbles fast and that people stay where they are mostly. That societal groups become more insular as time goes on. If it’s done like a blockbuster, it may look like humanity has huge resources to draw upon. And that just would not be the case for long, as evidenced in the book.
    I will reserve judgement till i have seen it, but i worry it merely shares the name of the book, and not the great narrative.
    On a side issue, it’s a geek out moment for me seeing Glasgow City Centre in the trailer(The scenes where Pitt and his family were in the traffic jam were filmed in Glasgow due to the similarity with Boston architecture, but it was easier to shut the streets down for a month).