5 comments on “Film Flashback: “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines” (2003)

  1. Well I think all three of movies were great and equally fascinating. The special effects were just out of out of sight. But most of all they had good story lines and although the actual plots are unbelievable in reality I found myself drawn into the point of being concerned about the characters.

    In TERMINATOR 3 it was the cyborg beautiful woman that added a new twist and made it a fresh movie to me even it was a the third time we had seen this idea portrayed. Lets face it these series of movies made Arnold a star. “I’ll be back” made him famous all over the world.

  2. I can’t believe this movie is ten years old…(I had to go to IMDB just to doublecheck…). While the T-x was a bit corny, there were som chilling scenes when she was terminating Connor’s future confederates. I think in hindsight, plain evil like the T-1000 would have worked fine, without her needing a snazzy leather outfit(Although it does beg the question as to whether Terminators with Endoskeletons are somehow “drawn” to wearing leather clothing…).
    I think i shall give this one a watch today if i have time.

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