NECA reveals packaging for "Prometheus" series 2 action figures

NECA Prometheus David Michael Fassbender figureI wasn’t a fan of “Prometheus.” My brother swears it’s because I just “didn’t get it,” but all I know is if the commercials for the Blu-Ray make a point to state that finally all the questions will be answered in behind the scene interviews that means I wasn’t the only one who found it confusing, convoluted boring mess.

I am a fan of NECA’s excellent figure line from the film however and they just revealed pictures of the two figures from the second series – David 8 (a brilliant Michael Fassbender, who was the film’s lone bright spot for me) and The Deacon, whom I guess we could consider the Big Poppa of the Alien clan.

NECA Prometheus The Deacon fullNECA breaks down a bit more of the figures:

Director Ridley Scott’s return to the franchise he helped create, Prometheus was as sublimely troubling as the original Alien. With the looming threat of total death and mindless destruction around at all times, the human characters’ quest for knowledge led them to their ultimate demise. Acid for blood, knives for teeth, ready to give your face a big ol’ hug.NECA Prometheus David Michael Fassbender in package

Following up on the success of the Series 1 Engineer Figures, we’re proud today to celebrate shipping out our Prometheus Series 2 7″ Action Figures by showing off some awesome new action shots of David 8 and the Deacon!

The Series 2 assortment features the first human crew member we have done in figure form.
David stands approx 6 3/4″ tall and has over 20 points of articulation. He includes interchangeable heads and removable helmet.NECA Prometheus The Deacon in package

Also included in this assortment is the creature known as The Deacon.
This proto-Xenomorph is fully poseable and is packed with bendable Hammerpede accessories and a dissected Engineer head.

NECA Prometheus David Michael Fassbender frontDavid looks tremendous and the NECA sculptors really did a nice job capturing Fassbender’s likeness right down to the pores and lines in his face. That’s some of the most lifelike detail I’ve seen in this scale making me all the more excited to see the finished product for NECA’s “Aliens” line. NECA Prometheus The Deacon tongue
The Deacon is great in that creepy alien sense. The dissected Engineer head is a nice touch and the other bone accessories should help make for good diorama pieces.
NECA Prometheus David Michael Fassbender with helmet head
“Prometheus” series 2 figures are now shipping so you should be able to find them at your local Toys R Us or specialty shop.
  • Barry Murray

    Have you ever watched the Blu-Ray of the movie with the commentary on? It totally explains what happened with the story. And why it was so bad.

  • I haven’t found any desire to watch that again. Maybe my brother can make sense of it as he’s interested in seeing it again.

  • Barry Murray

    It’s actually quite simple(Spoiler alert ahead, but i’ll keep it short).
    The guy who “wrote” the movie was a life long fanboy, who had written a story years back as to a possible prequel.
    It was written as LV426, the spacejockey was infected with an *alien*(Which hatched as he was taking off, causing the ship to rupture), with the ending basically leading into Alien.
    But they got Damien Lindelhof in to rewrite the script and he radically changed whole chunks into the hard-to-understand gobbledegook we finally were presented with…
    If you can take the time to watch the movie with the writers commentary you will be able to see the movie it *could* have been, and sadly wasn’t.