8 comments on “Review: Dr. No (1962)

  1. I am pretty sure I mentioned to you before that “Dr. NO” was the first Bond film I ever saw one of the best. It was in 1962. It hit me like my first Stars Wars movie my imagination was on fire.

    I was not bothered by the way Bond treated Quarrel. We thought it was good that we even got into big movies back then. But I have kind of grown tired of the Bond formula after all these years. “SKY FALL” was not particularly exciting or interesting to me.

    • Funny you mention that Pierre. I was wondering if the mindset at the time was “at least Bond has a black guy in the movie” so that’s interesting to hear that’s how you saw it.
      When did you lose interest in the Bond formula?

      • Jeff just seeing an Actor that looked like us in any movie back in 1962 was a good thing so as long as he not playing it “step and fetch”. As for my interest in BOND Movies, well time just goes by and after 20 some BOND Movies I do not find the formula interesting or exciting. I can not say exactly when it happened though. I do think Sean Connery was my favorite BOND. May be because he was the first one.

    • I’m probably going to review them as I watch them. Don’t have all of them yet, but most of the Connery films. Not hearing much good stuff about the Moore versions, but I do have two of them.

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