22 comments on “Film Flashback: “G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra” (2009)

  1. ” there’s no reason to bother acquiring the license of a beloved property only to dump 97% of why people care about it in the first place ”

    That’s what i thought.
    The movie could have been a LOT better than it was. They changed so much it was hard to see where GI JOE came into it…
    I am not sure if you noticed, but Snake Eyes practically had a different costume each time he was seen.
    And on the subject of Snake Eyes, i must be the only GI Joe fan out there that hates Snake Eyes.
    A total non-character for me(and i read all the comics when i was younger, and had all the toys). I never saw him as any more than a temporary annoyance to the plot whenever he surfaced. He never seems to operate on a human level. It’s the “James Bond Effect” that Snake Eyes is so good at everything, and always comes out on top that i switch off when he shows up and start watching when he goes off screen.
    Snake Eyes would be more watchable if he were a ninja robot.

    • Exactly. They put so much time changing everything GI Joe that it was a waste. I’ve seen way better fan videos on youtube.

      SE is a character I’ve always liked so long as he’s not super Snake-Eyes. Larry Hama started to fall into that late in the Joe run, but I think more people liked the ninja aspect so he just did what the fans wanted to read. I always like him better as a compliment. The SE in Resolute was probably the worst in terms of unstoppable hero.

  2. I think it’s just that when i see a character that has zero flaws and perfect technique, he seems totally unreal to me.
    I know we are talking about a character from a comic book but a few flaws helps to keep the character grounded.
    Irony of ironies, i found SE more watchable in GI Joe Renegades. There was an element of humour in him in that show.

      • I liked it primarily because Cobra was a corporation that everyone thought was on the up and up. Kind of a Walmart corporation, but that really has a sinister world-conquering agenda and only the handful of Joes know it.
        Perhaps that’s meant to be true of Cobra in the wilder world of Joe, but it seemed to be such a core part of this incarnation that i enjoyed the different spin of it.

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  11. Is the new movie G.l. Retaliation making you like this more in comparison? For everything it did wrong, at least The Rise of Cobra had the pumped up feeling of fantasy/military/sci-fi that I got from watching GI Joe as a kid. And it was fun! All of the butt hurt fans complain about details that really don’t matter or make sense – Snake Eyes iconic action figure had lips did it not, in the comics Cobra Commander was a used car salesman who’s brother was killed by a drunk who’s son grew up to be Snake Eyes (WTF!??), the Baroness’s brother was killed by US soldier and she blames Snake Eyes for this (WTF??). How is that any less convoluted than what they did on screen? They gave Rex/Cobra Commander motivation. The accelerator suit scene was cool at only took a few minutes of screen time. My only gripes with the film are the black suits for all (boring), CC’s mask at the end of the movie (ugly) and Channing Tatum’s non resemblance to the Duke I remember. But I watch is movie all the time – it’s as fun as the cartoon was and Scarlett is hot as heck.

    • After seeing Kick-Ass 2, I get your name now. I think Sommers tried to do an action movie with as little ties to GI Joe as possible and that’s what ultimately hurt the film. If it wasn’t called GI Joe you’d never think it was a Joe movie.

      Retaliation was more of a Joe movie to me, which is why I’m kinda surprised it didn’t do much much better than ROC.

      We do completely agree about Scarlett though! 👍

      • She’s the only reason i watch Continuum. It’s like “Scarlett: The TV Show”

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