Hot Toys reveals "Man of Steel" Superman collectible figure

Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman cape

Now this is a well timed announcement from Hot Toys about its latest superhero movie figure – the 12″ Superman from “Man of Steel.”

I really enjoyed the film and depending on how many other MOS figures are announced, I could definitely see starting this collection.Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman flying close up

Man of Steel is one of the most anticipated blockbusters this summer. Directed by Zack Synder and produced by Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel will reboot the Superman franchise by giving audience a new look at the origin of the iconic superhero and his rise to become the protector of Earth and its people.

We are also excited to announce that the Hot Toys’ 200th collectible figure of the Movie Masterpiece Series goes to this one of the most well-known superheroes of all time. To celebrate this milestone, a 1:1 scale Kryptonian Command Key will be included with the Collectible Figure as an appreciation for all of our fans’ support over the years! Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman punch

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Henry Cavill as Superman in the movie, featuring a highly detailed head sculpt, finely designed costume with embossed pattern and the iconic red cape.

  • Barry Murray

    Incredible. I’d be in for Superman and Faora. Perhaps even Zod. If only the movie was as good as that figure, lol.

  • This figure will be an addition to my collection, it looks great. The only thing missing is LED light up eye features, he used his heat vision too much for Hot Toys to pass on using this feature on him. They missed using it with the ’78 Superman but I let I let that slide since he didn’t use his heat vision in the first film. All Hot Toys has to do is add light features to the eyes like they did the ‘Albert Wesker’ figures, but instead of a radiating yellow light make it red to mimic his heat vision. I’ve aleady spoken on this several times on Facebook as others have starting doing as well, if you don’t speak on it they won’t do nothing. But if enough people speak on it and complain they will, the time is now while it’s early.

  • How much more would that raise the price on the figure? And they’d actually make those changes if enough people request it?

  • Perhaps $20-$40 tops, while I can’t speak for others I would pay for it. I just think the LED light up eye features should be included with the figure since he did use heat vision in the film, that’s just how I feel. I’m sure some collectors would be cool without the feature, but I would rather Hot Toys do it. Do it like the DX13 T-800 that’s releasing in August, one regular headsculpt and one that has the light up eye features.

  • $20 more for light-up eyes would be worth it to me especially if that covered a second head sculpt.

  • Barry Murray

    I’m sorry to say that a second head which would require a second neck(Which cannot be done on a figure with a rubber, attached neck piece like this), would be a minimum of $80 more. $20 is a pipe dream and would never happen.

  • Dream-killer! ?
    Now as a big Superman fan, are you getting this one?

  • Barry Murray

    Lol. It had to be said. The minute i saw the pre-order go up, i ordered 4 from Sideshow. Incidentally, i made a flying base for my Routh Supes on saturday.
    He looks the business in flying mode. As will my Cavill Supes figures.

  • That’s a HT Routh, right? Their figure looks better than the movie costume.

    Very cool display. Did you get the Mattel 12″ Zod?

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah, it’s the HT Routh, from the 2.0 “2-in-1” release with a clark kent suit and head. But the one on the left is the V1.0 Routh. The problem with the Returns Suit is that they made about ten of them. There were promotional ones, flight ones, fighting ones, lifting ones, etc. No one suit could do it all. So there was a bit of inconsistency in the suits. The HT one blends them all. But i love the look of the Cavill one. Superman for a new audience.

  • It shouldn’t be a pipe dream though man. Remember the two ‘Albert Wesker’ figures from “Resident Evil”, both the ‘Midnight'(which I own) and the ‘S.T.A.R.S’ versions have the light up eye features, so putting it in the ‘Supes’ figure would be a piece of cake and would not require a much higher cost for them. I think we all know how cheaply it costs Hot Toys to produce these figures in those sweat shops in Asia.

  • Barry Murray

    For sure. I am more glad of the cheaper price point than of useless accessories to pad the price point. It’s fair enough getting a diorama base or accessories. But i would prefer a barebones figure. Just one man’s opinion.

  • I hear you, i’m not saying the light up features should be made because of some damn nostalgia trip, lol. I just thought it would be cool to have it since he used heat vision in the film. If the heat vision wasn’t used in the film I wouldn’t even say a word about it man. That being said light up eye features or not i’m definitely getting it to go along with the ’78 Supes, haha.

  • Barry Murray

    Well if it makes you feel any better, the head as is could easily be cast in clear resin and lit up for a small amount.

  • Haha, nah i’m cool. Like I was saying i’m getting the figure regardless, just thowing my two cents in. Now if Hot Toys gave this ‘Superman’ the DX treatment, than all bets are off and the light up eye feature would definitely have to be made than, i’m sure you would agree with that.

  • Barry Murray

    Of course. I think we will get a DX with PERS for the second release either for the JL movie, or for the sequel to Man Of Steel.

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