Create your own Kryptonian name and family crest like the "Man of Steel"

This is a pretty cool way to get further into the world of “Man of Steel” via this fun glyph creator.

Children of Krypton are born to a specific Ancestral House with distinct traits. Discover your Glyph, Ancestral House and name in Kryptonian then download and share your Kryptonian identity with friends.


What’s your family crest and Kryptonian name?

  • Del-Fra is mine.

  • I like yours better 😉

  • Funny this is this a name I’ve actually thrown around for a few years, it’s take on my own name spelled backwards.

  • Mine would be kinda nuts, so guess I’ll have to use what they gave me 😉

  • It’s all good my friend, sometimes you gotta work with what you was blessed with.

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