"The Amazing Spider-Man" spins sequels through 2018

0-0-New The Amazing Spider-Man movie costumeHope you enjoyed Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him.

The first sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man” won’t hit theaters until May 2, 2014, but that’s not stopping Sony from moving forward with the relaunched franchise as it announced the release dates for two more sequels.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 3” (unofficial title) is coming June 10, 2016 and the fourth installment is slated for May 4, 2018. This is a significant and bold move by Sony as its execs must feel pretty confident in the franchise with Garfield as the titular character to extend it so long.

Typically, this generation’s comic book films wrap after a trilogy so Garfield would join the ranks of Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Reeve, Hugh Jackman and the rest of the X-Men gang in terms of playing the same comic book character. There’s a lot worse characters to have your career forever linked to and I loved Garfield’s take so I’m thrilled to hear he’ll have a long stint. No word if that extends to Director Marc Webb as well.

While there weren’t any rumors to back it, this definitely means we won’t be seeing Spider-Man in Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers” franchise despite the character being a fixture on the comic version of the team for years now.

What do you think? Excited about this news?

  • Barry Murray

    This is just my own opinion, but i saw nothing in that reboot that was worth making a new movie about. I understand that means it wasn’t targeted at me, but it all seemed like they saw the IM movies and decided they wanted in on the act.
    It’s like a bunch of old studio execs made a movie by proxy, adding in skateboarding and cheesy CGI because “kids like that kind of thing”.
    I saw nothing in the movie that would make me suffer through another one, never mind another trilogy.
    And the guy playing Spidey just sleepwalked the entire movie.
    I’ll pass on the next ones.

  • I thought “TASM” was good but not great, I believe there is room for them to grow if they take the right steps. Seeing that there is going to be two more sequels I think it’s now inevitable that the ‘Sinister Six’ will be featured, which is something I really want to see badly on the big screen.

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