10 comments on “Film Flashback: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

  1. I was watching this last week. It never loses it’s appeal. And the line “You want to hold on, for every last second” by Matt Frewer is as true about real life as it is in a zombie movie.
    Great review.
    And Zack did go on to greater things…

      • Of course! Trash-can man… I love The Stand. It’s a great adaptation of an incredible novel.
        On the subject of novels, have you ever read Dan Simmon’s Hyperion novels?

      • I really wish they’d put that on Blu-Ray already!
        No, but I’m looking for some summer reading so I’ll add that to the list.

  2. Yeah. Blu Ray that sucker! I wish there were making-ofs and a cast commentary. It must have taken forever to film all that, and i would love to hear about the good times they had during production.
    About the Hyperion novels(Must be read in order: Hyperion, Fall Of Hyperion, Endymion, Rise Of Endymion), they are space opera. An incredible saga, each book in a different style(But adding to the original story). The first mirrors the Canterbury tales, but each weaves a rich tapestry of a galaxy inhabited by humans a thousand years in the future and all the incredible achievements they have built over a millennia of space travel. No spoilers, but there is a device called a farcaster(Think stargate. An instantaneous portal anywhere). And some characters have farcaster portals all over their houses. Kitchen on one planet, overlooking a plain, then walk through a farcaster doorway(That you can look through and see what is on the other side), to a living room on a totally different planet, looking down from the tip of a mountain, bathroom floating on a sea-world with no walls. It’s a rivetting read and builds the story of a mankind at the peak of invention. I can really recommend it. And i would love to hear your thoughts on it if you get around to reading it.

  3. Great film and one of the best ever zombie films alongside “28 Days Later”, “Night Of The Living Dead” & “Shawn Of The Dead” to name a few standouts.

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