After a great opening weekend, Brad Pitt's "World War Z" sequel is a go

Jaap Buitendijk/Paramount Pictures Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel), Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and Navy SEAL Commander (John Gordon Sinclair).
Jaap Buitendijk/Paramount Pictures
Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel), Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and Navy SEAL Commander (John Gordon Sinclair).

Looks like Brad Pitt’s zombie thriller “World War Z” is going to have another life.

Rob Moore, Paramount Pictures’ vice-chairman, told The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is moving forward with a sequel following the film’s far better than expected $66 million (and $45 million internationally) opening weekend.

“[Pitt] stayed and worked when he could have gone off and shot another movie,” Moore said to THR regarding Pitt agreeing to return for re-shoots after Paramount execs weren’t thrilled with the film’s original ending. And Pitt helped the film’s cause tremendously by showing up unannounced to screenings to introduce it to thrilled audiences.

The trick here is that “WWZ” cost $190 million and it’s got a ways to go to recoup that especially in the dog-days of summer with a new blockbuster each week. Its biggest competition next week will be from “The Heat,” a buddy cop comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, which will definitely impact “WWZ.” Paramount reported that 51 percent of the “WWZ” audience was female and that demographic will likely flock to a film starring the popular duo of Bullock and McCarthy.

  • Pierre Mooney

    Oh God! Will it ever end? The good news is DESPICABLE ME 2 is coming out. Fresh ideas for movies appeal to all age groups, because they stimulate people to think in new ways and appeal to our imagination. Wonderful movie.

  • Barry Murray

    I wonder what they’ll do with the sequel if the movie doesn’t make another cent?

  • I’m with you re: World War Z and I can’t wait for Despicable Me 2 as well. Really hoping it’s as enjoyable as the first one!

  • LOL. They have a lot of faith in it, but it’s still got a way to go before making back that budget.

  • Barry Murray

    I was unexpectedly given the afternoon off work today. Faced with a quandry. What do i go and see? WWZ? Or Man Of Steel again? I went back to see Man Of Steel. Enjoyed it even more, and saw stuff i had missed the first time. So it was win/win.

  • I think you made the right call my friend 😉

  • Barry Murray

    Haha. I know it. I’m even more excited than ever that i have the Man Of Steel Hot Toys on pre-order.

  • Kevin Sampson

    Wow. I just predicted that there would be no sequel. I’ll keep my day job. lol.

  • I’m pretty surprised by it too!

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