The gang's all here – Hot Toys shows off "Marvel's The Avengers"

So Hot Toys decided they wanted me to strongly consider the benefits of eating Ramen Noodles for a few months with this pic of their full “Marvel’s The Avengers” team roster.

Hot Toys Marvel's The Avengers

Hmmn. I don’t know if my display can handle that much eye-popping bit of plastic awesomeness, but I’m perfectly willing to give it a shot.

So far, I’ve got Black Widow and Agent Coulson waiting for me so I’m a “bit” behind. Who should I try to track down next?

  • Barry Murray

    If you haven’t been buying them up till now, they are almost all $250 and above, with the exception being Hawkeye, who goes for between $300 and $500 depending if you can find him.
    Widow and Coulson are both good. But unless youcan survive on Oxygen alone for the next few months, you’ll struggle to get them all!
    Even the MKVII armour is sold out.
    The big surprise for me was Loki. Hands down the best one so far.
    But check this out:

  • You’re right about all the figures except the “Mark VII’, he’s just as high as ‘Hawkeye’ is now, the Exclusive version even more. I have a feeling ‘Hulk’ will end up being the most valuable of the bunch in the long term. And ‘Loki’ does indeed look incredible. This whole set is just amazing. All of the ‘Avengers’ figures are sold out or will be sold out very soon. ‘Thor’ is still available but I bet he will be gone within the next month or so.

  • I got the ‘Mark VII’ in last week, i’m just a ‘Hulk’ and a few weeks away from completing the finest ‘Dream Team’ since ’92 baby, LOL.

  • Barry Murray
  • I read complaints about Thor, so I may wait to see what the word is with the “Thor 2” figure.
    Ditto for the Cap figure so I just need to track down Fury, Hulk, Loki and MKVII. (Ha!)

  • Barry, are those all yours???

  • Barry Murray

    The first Thor was dire, but this new one looks a lot better. I doubt there will be a Thor at this price point for a while. And he even comes with the Tesseract Gateway Projector! If nothing else, i needed Thor to complete the lineup.

  • Barry Murray

    It’s a photoshop image i made today. I only have one of Loki…

  • I was about to be absurdly jealous ?

  • Barry Murray

    Loki is worthy of jealousy. It’s hands down the best Avengers figure i have costume wise. Cap’s my fave. But Loki has an incredible costume.

  • Loki isn’t sold out everywhere so may have to grab him next..

  • Barry Murray

    Jump on it RIGHT now… He’s worth half again as much as they charge. I’d get another one if i could find him in stock anywhere.

  • You definitely need to get ‘Loki’ my friend, trust me he’s worth it. And yes he’s not completely sold out everywhere yet bet he’s getting to being just that. I would say within the next month or less he’ll be gone from all retail stores and you’ll have to resort to searching Ebay for a decent deal.

  • Yes I do, he’s an incredible looking piece. it’s something about that fantastic ‘Asgardian’ helmet that once you put it on him, it just takes the figure to a whole new unbelievable level.

  • All I can tell you my friend is the videos and pics really don’t do ‘Thor’ justice, he’s an underrated figure. His sculpt, detail, size and weight are truly amazing. If you ever get him in hand or see him up close you’ll see what I mean.

  • You and Barry have definitely convinced me. I’ll post pics when he arrives!

  • You won’t be disappointed, especially when you set him up. Are you getting the ’89 Batmobile, that baby is big with beautiful and insane detail and structure. Since I have the ’89 Bats & Joker and i’ll have almost $320 dollars in ‘Rewards Points’ money i’ll use it on it. So instead of paying around $700 dollars after shipping and taxes I should be looking at paying a little under $400 for it. I’ve been building up my ‘Rewards Points’ for 2 years waiting to use it on this bad boy. Happy holiday to you both.

  • Barry Murray

    Great news! He is the best of the bunch. Such a beautifully tailored costume!