Hot Toys' "Man of Steel" General Zod 12" collectible figure

Hot Toys Man of Steel General Zod wide smilingI’ve shown you Hot Toys’ versions of Superman and Jor-El, but now it’s time for the main bad guy from “Man of Steel,” the general himself, General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. While Zod may no longer be a threat to Superman, his acts are rumored to have some measure of repercussions in the “Man of Steel” sequel. For now, you can simply destroy Metropolis with your very own General Zod figure:

Hot Toys Man of Steel General Zod raised hand“You are not alone.” Hot Toys has previously presented the Superman and Jor-El Collectible Figures from Man of Steel and we are very excited to introduce the next character to join the series – General Zod.

Determined to rebuild Krypton and restore the Kryptonian race, General Zod has searched across an ocean of stars for Kal-El and the codex. Upon confrontation with Superman, General Zod proves to be a formidable opponent and engages in intense battle across the city during the climax of the movie.

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Michael Shannon as General Zod in the movie which features a detailed head sculpt, interchangeable armored head, and meticulously constructed costume.

Order it here: DC Comics General Zod DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure

  • Zod looks pretty damn cool and I will be getting him. One thing I find kind of strange with Hot Toys is Supes is $200, Jor-El $220 & Zod $240, what’s with the $20 dollar bump per figure, damn ha-ha. Still i plan on getting all 3 of these figures and if they make Faora I will get her as well.

  • Barry Murray

    I wish the sculpt was a bit more neutral. Not sure if i will get this one.

  • I think the headsculpt definitely has a fierce look, but it looks like he straining a little bit. But you also have to remember that the headsculpt is just a an early prototype and Hot Toys are known for altering or completely changing headsulpts on their figures, especially if enough collectors complain about it. I actually think Hot Toys should just add an additional head to be honest, especially with the price their charging for this, Zod is $40 dollars more expensive than Superman.