The scene that shows why James Spader will be great as Ultron in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

James Spader
James Spader

Like all of us, I consider myself to be the absolute perfect casting agent making choices that everyone would go “Oh OF COURSE! They’re perfect for that role!” even if in reality I’d probably be just as bad as some current ones.

I’m not sure where you had James Spader on your list of “ideal Ultron candidates,” but he wasn’t on my radar. I’ve liked his work well enough and Spader being named Ultron today won’t set the Internet on full-scale revolt mode like Ben Affleck as Batman. If you weren’t too excited though, check out this clip from “Boston Legal,” which goes a long way in showing why he’ll make a surprising, but incredible choice.

The video quality isn’t exactly HD, but Spader is fantastic in it and I could twist a few words here and there and imagine him talking about humanity and being the sole savior to fix our problem. Ultron UnlimitedI’m starting to think this Joss Whedon knows what he’s doing. What do you think?

  • The James Spader news might not blow up the internet like the Ben Affleck signing, but let me tell you, the signing of Spader to play Ultron is a far superior one to Affleck playing Batman and i’ll tell you why. Spader is a great actor who’s always excelled at playing sadistic and at the same time subdued roles. The guy can play a serial killer but at the same time come off as the nicest guy in the world, he can be evil, maniacal yet still come across as likeable. That’s a perfect fit for Ultron, because he kills but actually thinks he’s doing it for a good cause, in short he believes humanity has destroyed the structure of life and has ran his course. Ultron is a killer but he does it systematically and truly believes it’s for the betterment of mankind, Spader will own this role.

  • Ben

    I’m sold, this could work. Don’t know much about Ultron anyway but as a “wordy villain” who uses technology rather than himself to fight, Spader can definitely do that!

  • Ultron is a great Avengers villain, here’s a real quick look at him from the fantastic Avengers cartoon:


  • Ben I think we are all in for a treat when Whedon brings Ultron to the big screen in 2015.