Is Loki evil enough to torment Cookie Monster?

You can turn Hawkeye into a humorless assassin. You can call Black Widow a mewling quim. Heck, you can even (maybe) kill Agent Phil Coulson, but it takes a true villain to keep Cookie Monster from his cookies.

Loki Tom Hiddleston and Cookie MonsterTom Hiddleston, known to most of the movie-going public now as Loki from “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” teased a hint of his evil alter ego with everyone’s favorite sweet addict this side of Winnie the Pooh in a lesson in delayed gratification, but it seems not even Loki’s evil enough to hold out on Cookie Monster for long….

How great is Hiddleston? The guy is seriously starting to give Andrew Garfield and Robert Downey Jr. a run for their money as the comic book actor most fans would trade in their collections to meet.

What’s really cool about this is that Hiddleston isn’t doing the expected talk show publicity blitz. He’s just being himself and if this helps you remember that he will be back to playing the awesome Loki in “Thor: The Dark World” coming out on Nov. 8 all the better. He’s gonna have an amazing time regardless.

  • Barry Murray

    Haha. What a guy. That on stage thing ad SDCC was hilarious too. Did you hear that he had to travel on a plane to SDCC dressed as boba fett so no-one would get wind that he was coming?

  • I think along with RDJ that Hiddleston is clearly the most popular actor in all of CBM’s right now. He seems like a really down to earth cool dude who actually embraces him comic book movie fame and doesn’t run from it or hide from it like some actors do. And why not, the exposure is fantastic and he get’s paid a trunk load of money from the role as well as merchandise cuts from his now famous character. “Thor: TDW” can’t arrive soon enough baby, lol.

  • Joann

    Love it, makes me love this guy even more! LOL! Can’t wait until Thor:TDW!!!

  • I hadn’t heard that, but I definitely understand it. He’d get mobbed anywhere at SDCC!

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah, apparently, he flew the whole way dressed up. If he had been on a plane heading to SD, alarm bells would have been ringing. He wasn’t announced, so when he turned up as Loki, it was a total surprise for the fans.

  • I’m surprised he was able to get on the flight in costume..