Joaquin Phoenix is rumored to be joining "Batman vs. Superman" as Lex Luthor??

GYI0050857858.jpgVariety is reporting that Warner Bros. Pictures is in talks with “Her” star Joaquin Phoenix to join “Batman vs. Superman.” At this point it seems like about half of Hollywood has been attached to this project, but Phoenix is an intriguing choice especially if he’s who Warners Bros. has in mind to play Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor.

It’s not like he hasn’t played a terrific bastard villain before …

What do you think? Would Phoenix work as Luthor or would you prefer some of the other rumored candidates like Bryan Cranston or Mark Strong?

  • Fred

    Jeff you’re right, WB is definitely pilling on the cast for this one. I to think this is an intriguing choice and maybe the choice they need to make considering their choice for ‘Wonder woman’ was such a weak one in my honest opinion. As Phoenix showed in the masterful “Gladiator” and to a lesser extent “We Own The Night” he can play the nasty villainous role to great effect. From where I stand this movie has gone from a strictly ‘Superman’ sequel, to a Batman/Superman team up to roughly a ‘Justice League’ film. Rumors are ‘Nightwing’ and possibly another ‘JL’ member will be included in this film. If Jason Momoa signs on, I’m asuuming he’ll either be playing ‘Doomsday’ or ‘Metallo’ unless WB decides to make him a hero.

  • Why does this already feel like a case of (as you’ve said before) too many characters doing too many things in one movie? Isn’t Batman Vs. Superman story enough? I’m already worried that the quantity of names will outweigh the quality of the script. :-

  • Fred

    Yeah, when it batman/Superman that was good enough. But it seems at least to me that WB is trying to skip to ‘Justice League” without much build up. I think they’ve seen the massive success Marvel had with “The Avengers” and they want some of that success for themselves. That’s certainly not a bad ambition to have, problem is you have cast of characters that audiences won’t be too familiar with outside of Batman and Superman, and even batman is a new take on the character and you don’t know how people will react to that yet. The Wonder Woman signing is really a head scratcher to me. Marvel took their time in introducing many of the ‘Avengers’ members in their own films first, giving audiences a chance to know the characters and invest in them, and it has tuned out magnificently for them. Introducing so many new characters who are going to have to their origin stories tell will be impossible without introducing them in their own films first. Now every character doesn’t need a solo film first, but at least ‘Flash’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ should have before throwing them all together in a team up movie. WB obviously wants the short cut to success and I think they’re setting themselves up for a fall thinking like that.

  • That’s what I would think. That’s D.C.’s two biggest guns right there and they will overshadow everyone else anyway.

    Maybe all of these cast additions will just show up in some big post-credit scene leading up to Justice League?

  • You summed it up perfectly. I’m not liking this shortcut approach to Justice League at all.

  • Fred

    Jeff you’ll have to excuse me for some of the sloppy typing and misspelled words, I was really tired man lol. And yes the two big guns will overshadow the other heroes, like you we’re saying hopefully they will have small roles or post-credit scenes. However by the sound of things I don’t think that will be the case.

  • C’mon Fred, you know I’m not your English teacher so as long as it makes sense to us, there’s no need to apologize!

  • Yeah, DC is trying to cut too many corners and they are not respecting their audience. Avengers made a ton of money not just because it was a superhero movie but it was well written well directed well thought out series. DC is going to rush Justice League and it’s gonna suck and only the hardcore fans will see it.

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