Merry Christmas!

To all my readers who celebrate it, hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with tons of new great memories with family and friends … and maybe even a good movie to wrap up the night.Mr. Peabody and Sherman

  • Merry Christmas to you and your family as well Bro!

  • Fred

    Same to you Jeff, it will be better once I get over this stupid cold lol. But on a bright note the ’89 Batmobile arrived today and I can’t wait to open the box to look at this beast.

  • I’m fighting one too brother! They’re the worst! Glad this is a slow week now!

  • Pierre Mooney

    MERRY CHRISTMAS. I am in Bangkok, Thailand for CHRISTMAS. My wife and I are visiting a friend here for five days but it still not like being at home with the family. I look forward to a getting seeing 12 YEARS AS A SLAVE, THE BUTLER and THE BLACK NATIVITY, all of which I have the DVD shop guy getting for me. I hope to be able to comment on them as soon as I get them. A promising start to the New Year. In the meanwhile have a great holiday season.

  • Thank you much my friend. Hope you enjoy Bangkok!

  • Fred

    I can’t speak for THE BUTLER or BLACK NATIVITY since I’m yet to see either film, but I can from viewing experience that 12 YEARS A SLAVE is fantastic, powerful and emotionally draining but a great film. Enjoy your vacation in Bangkok and have a safe trip home.

  • Fred

    Jeff get well bro.

  • Thanks man. You too!