2013’s Worst Films – Lyles Movie Files

I’ll be taking a look at my favorite films of 2013 very soon. For now though, it’s time to look at the films that lived up to my site’s catchphrase — the bad movies I suffer through so you don’t have to.  In this list are the biggest offenders of money, talent and most importantly, your precious time.

To be fair, the list is limited to the movies I saw meaning surefire candidates like After Earth and Movie 43 didn’t make the cut. There are some cinematic bullets that even I won’t take for my readers. That said, on to the list filled with those back of the box quotes you’ll never find on a home video release!

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  • Cool list. I’ve yet to see a few of these, but most likely will get to them all at some point. I’m a glutton. Yup, I’m one of those that might find a place for “Spring Breakers” on my ‘best’ list, but can’t knock you for having it here since it strikes me as a love-it or hate-it type of movie.

  • Agreed Wendell. SB is definitely a love it/hate it – no room at all for middle ground on it 😉

    Are you putting together a list?