The #21 Most Anticipated Movie of 2014

Alan Ritchson in his Raphael motion capture suit with Megan Fox in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
Alan Ritchson in his Raphael motion capture suit with Megan Fox as April O’Neil in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Somehow in my list of Top 20 anticipated films for 2014, I neglected to include one that I’m sure more than a few people are looking forward to seeing – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The film features LMF’s most searched for star, Megan Fox, as a crusading journalist trying to make TV news respectable once again. Megan Fox bikiniAnd if she rocked this outfit, I don’t think too many guys would have a problem paying to see it.

This latest cinematic take on the Turtles twists their origin just “a bit” as aliens planning to invade Earth unwittingly lead to the creation of four turtles who defend their home turf.

Just like the cartoon and comic book you remembered. This sounds all sorts of silly (even for a property that involved mutated warthogs and rhinos), but somehow Shredder (William Fichtner) will still be involved so the film has that going for it at least. And it’s got Fox so it can’t be that bad, right?



  • Is it just me or does Fox’s face look weird in that promo shot?

    And for me the Michael Bay/Megan Fox combo just gives me transformers flashbacks so I am dreading this release. Doubt it can beat the awesome nickelodeon cartoon airing now. TMNT was one of my childhood obsessions and it’s hard to get excited about this reboot.

  • I haven’t watched the Nick show. Is it better or about the same as the original?

  • Hm, well I haven’t watched the original series since it originally aired and I wanted to wake up early on Saturday mornings to see it LOL. 🙂 But I have been VERY impressed with the new Nick version (which is available for streaming on the Nick site and on Hulu, at least the most current few episodes). I really like that it has an arc and that there have been some very dark episodes. Plus, the voice acting team is awesome. Def. worth a try while you’re waiting for Michael Bay.

  • Hmmn. I’ll have to check it out then. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • You’re welcome! I recommend watching it in your PJs while drinking milk/tea/coffee/hot cocoa and eating cookies just so you get that “I’m a kid again” feeling. The writers are clearly aware that their audience is all ages with some of the references they make (Leonardo is obsessed with reruns of a cartoon that is not quite but pretty much is the old 1970s Star Trek cartoon etc.)

  • LOL. That’s the only way to do it!

    Is it sad that I remember that old Star Trek cartoon and Flash Gordon?

  • NO it’s not sad at all. They are classics! (I really feel like kids today miss out since cartoons are on 24/7 on channels designed just for them…remember how **special** it was to wake up on Saturdays or know that as soon as you got home from school your favorite shows would be on?)