Hot Toys reveals "Iron Man 3" Starboost Armor (Mark XXXIX) Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Starboost figure - wide flying shotI may be off a figure or two, but Hot Toys has released about 347 armors from “Iron Man 3.” Hard to complain as they’ve come up with some great looking armors even if most Detolf shelves are starting to get packed full of them.

Here’s the latest armor – The Starboost, or Mark XXXIX. The space colors are a lot of fun and help this one stand out a bit more from the standard red and yellow armors we’ve seen so far.Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Starboost figure - flying tightHere’s the official synopsis from Hot Toys:

The Starboost (Mark XXXIX) suit has stood out from the crowd since its introduction in Iron Man 3. Its cool space suit design with mixture of white, gold, and black colors has helped turned it become a fan favorite among all the armors from the “House Party Protocol”.

We are very excited to present one of the fan’s anticipated brand new armors from Tony Stark’s Iron Legion – 1/6th scale Starboost (Mark XXXIX) Collectible Figure, the Sub-Orbital Suit.

It features white, gold, and black colored armor with embossed pattern, two gold-colored face masks, LED light-up functions and figure stand with flexible pillar for dynamic posing.


Here’s the pre-order information from Sideshow Collectibles.

  • Fred

    I already put this bad boy on PO, I love the different colorway and design of this model. I also love that it has a rocket booster on the back that has light up features, I knew when I first seen Starboost aka Gemini it was going to be one of the ‘IM3’ figures I get. I already have ‘Mech Test Stark 2’ and Midas, so this along with Mark 42, Iron Patriot, Silver Centurion and maybe Igor are the figures I will be getting. But Heartbreaker looks amazing as well and definitely temps me, but for me to get that I would probably have to drop one of the other figures. Jeff what figures are you planning on getting from the ‘Iron Man 3’ line, and tell the truth lol.

  • Fred,
    I love my Mark VII, but if I got any it’d be the Silver Centurion.
    You’ve gotta show a pic of your HT collection.

  • Fred

    Jeff definitely get the Silver Centurion if you can, it looks beasty my friend. Once I get that HD camera and detolf sets i’ll definitely look into doing that. So the Silver centurion is the only figure you plan on getting from the ‘Iron Man 3’ line, which ‘Catching Fire’ just passed as 2013’s highest grossing domestic film.

  • Think so just because I’m fighting for space and I need to have some free room for the Avengers 2 cast. 😉

  • Fred

    I hear you, after the ‘Chitauri Commander’ and ‘Bruce banner’ i’ll everything I need from “The Avengers”. As far as “Avengers 2” goes I know i’ll be getting ‘Ultron’, ‘Scarlet Witch’ & ‘Quicksilver’, not sure about getting other ‘Avengers’ when i’ll already have one of a few of the same characters, it depends on how different their looks are.

  • Hopefully Hawkeye comes with a better costume 😉

  • Fred

    You didn’t care too much for Hawkeye’s costume, it was basic but was cool. I’ll you this though Jeff, as far as the figure goes if you had it in person you would be really impressed. The detail, design and mater on the outfit is amazing, plus the figure is very solid and sturdy, it’s no wonder it sold out so quickly and is fetching very high prices on the aftermarket. I bet his costume will be different in ‘Age Of Ultron’ though.

  • It’s ok and comic accurate to the Ultimates costume, but it would fit in just fine with an X-Man movie costume so it’s a bit uninspired for me.

    The figure itself looks fine, but the costume choice is the main thing holding me back from trying to get a second mortgage to pay for it.

  • Fred

    Since it was the first ‘Avengers’ film there is certainly room for them to alter the costume, I personally would love to see more of the traditional purple in ‘Age Of Ultron’. But trust me when I say the costume is no issue with the figure, it actually looks even better than on the film. The tough part is finding the figure for a reasonable price, you just have to be patient and keep your eye on live bids on Ebay. I found someone selling it for $280 about 2 months ago and told my friend about it, but I also saw that the seller didn’t have any feedback and told him about it and said he should look more into it before he tries to buy it. The seller had 4 ‘Hawkeye’ figures for sale and my friend brought all 4, it turned out the seller was a fraud and my friend had to get his money back. Messed I would say, he’s still trying to find ‘Hawkeye’ and it’s hoping to find one in the $450-$500 even range, he also wants ‘Nick Fury’, those are the only two figures in the set he doesn’t have. He jokes with me and asks me if I will sell my ‘Hawkeye’ to him.

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