A costume fit for “The Flash” – thank you CW!

After the success of translating “Arrow” to the small screen, CW is bringing another DC Comics character to the network and thankfully it doesn’t look like Grant Gustin will have some goofy alias like “The Whiz” before becoming The Flash. The Flash CW Grant Gustin


And better yet, he’ll actually have a (wait for it) costume that actually looks like a superhero costume complete with the awesome ear wing tips and DC 52 chin piece [of which I still don’t understand the purpose, but whatever].

DC 52 Flash comicOf all the fanboyish nitpicks I can find, being comic accurate is hardly the worse offense I can think of especially when even this initial glance looks this good.

The pilot is being shot next week. Since DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns is co-writing it alongside “Arrow” writers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg expect this to be another quality DC TV product. Now if only they could translate all this awesome to their movies…

8 thoughts on “A costume fit for “The Flash” – thank you CW!”

  1. wait this will be separate show? I remember the first one on cbs. it started out good but fighting low level thugs and bank robbers can only go so far. As long as that CW app stay free, I will continue to watch.

  2. I remember the old CBS show, too. Had lots of potential they just wasted. This headgear looks cool. Any full body shots, yet? I’m really curious what the special fx will be like.

    1. That old show was fun, but its format became kinda tiring quickly.
      I am very optimistic about the rest of the costume since they got the headgear done correctly but so far that teaser is all we have so far.:-(

  3. I am so happy that more and more comic books are being turned into TV SERIES instead of movies. The mythology and stories of these heroes are far too involved to cram into 2 hours in a theater. I hope “Flash” lives it up this image!

    1. I was just thinking how I wish we could get a few more random adventures of the Avengers especially if the rumors of one of them getting killed in Age of Ultron is true.

      Are you watching “Arrow?”

  4. hell I was thinking instead of a batman prequel as I think arrow covers it for me, why not bring back the Batman the Animated series for Idk 50 more episodes and stick in primetime and have it TV-MA. Seems to logical huh? Yeah the flash deserve it a redo.

    1. All Warner does is Batman. They’ve got such a broad array of characters that they need to step out beyond the Batman comfort zone and spotlight some of them.

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