My sure to not be wrong 2014 Academy Award, #Oscar picks and a new free movie giveaway

<> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

As you “may” have heard, Sunday is the 2014 Academy Awards, or Oscars for the less fancy among us. Expect some outrageous gowns and general stuffiness for Hollywood’s biggest night. Hopefully, host Ellen DeGeneres will be able to liven things up a bit.

While Olympians are happy just to earn a place on the podium, just being nominated really isn’t enough for most actors who will no doubt be perfecting their “Awww. They deserved it” expressions and gracious loser comments.

And although it’s not nearly as high drama as the Superbowl, with so many categories and nominations, everyone’s got their favorites and choices for who will be leaving the awards clutching their well-earned Oscars.

So here’s my breakdown of most of the major categories, with apologies to Film Editing, Documentary Feature, Foreign Language Film, Sound Mixing/Editing, etc.

And for fun, if you can predict more winners than me, I’ll send you a FREE Oscar-nominated film of your choice. Now, on to my picks!

10 thoughts on “My sure to not be wrong 2014 Academy Award, #Oscar picks and a new free movie giveaway”

  1. Jeff your picks look to be pretty much spot on with how the awards might turn out tomorrow. “Gravity” will probably win more awards than any film tomorrow night and I think “12 Years” will win in the 3 categories you mentioned.

  2. I pretty much think you nailed the Oscar picks. The ones I’d pick differently is best song Let it Go and original score I’d go with Gravity. For special effects, Gravity is a worthy choice but I think the Academy will go with Smaug.

  3. Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave/Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor/Best Actress: Kate Blanchet/Best Supporting Actor: Jared Ledo/Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o/Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron/Best Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years a Slave/Best Visuals: Gravity/Best Animated Feature: Frozen. I never did nothing like this, never cared about the Oscars that much. But I figured I would join my man Jeff for the hell of it this year and have a little fun. I decided to go out on a limb by picking Ejiofor to upset Mcconaughey, it probably won’t play out that way but I’m just going to go against public belief on this pick. I could see a scenario where Ejiofor could truly win though, if ’12 Years’ flies out the gate strong and picks up steam early, It could be the feel good story of the Oscars and end up owing the night, if that happens than look for Ejiofor to upset Mcconaughey for Best Actor, otherwise the general opinion will hold up and Mcconaughey wins Best Actor.

  4. I agree with most of your picks but would go with Gatsby for Costumes, Gravity for Score, and Frozen for Song though I’d personally love to see Pharrell take that last one.

    1. I have to agree with Jeff on ‘Happy’ winning best song, it’s so catchy and such a big hit. It’s the type of song people just walk around humming, it’s just one of those feel good jams that might be too much for the Oscars to pass on picking, but we’ll see tonight.

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