3 comments on “Box-office roundup – March 2, 2014 – Liam Neeson pilots “Non-Stop” to the top

  1. Jeff the only way I can see LEGO finding it’s way back to the top within the next few weeks is if the upcoming slate of movies is really weak. As big as ‘Frozen’s’ numbers we’re it would have never come close to pulling off a feat like that during the summer movie season where the competition is just too strong and too competitive. While I think the ‘300’ sequel should have a good shot at being No.1 next weekend, I don’t see it posting anywhere near the box office numbers of the original and it could fade away quickly if it doesn’t appeal to audiences enough. “Divergent” & “Noah” could post decent numbers but don’t look like blockbuster films to me. ‘The Muppets’ sequel and “Need For Speed” could be decent box office hits. Otherwise March doesn’t look like a month with any certifiable blockbuster hits on the horizon, that next guaranteed for sure blockbuster hit doesn’t appear like it will arrive until ‘The Winter Soldier’ hits theaters April 4th, but we’ll see.

  2. You also be assuming that “Non-Stop” and “Son Of God” will drop hard in coming weeks, I think you’re assuming a little too much my friend. I’m not saying all the films I mention will be box office smashes because that certainly won’t be the case. LEGO made 21 million this weekend, it’s not going to make 20 million next weekend, it’s strong but not that strong. Eventhough the sequel to “300” will not open to nearly as much as the original’s 70 million, i’ll assume it will open between 25-30 million, that will easy be more than enough money to be No. 1 next weekend. Eventhough LEGO has shown outstanding legs, the fact of the matter is that it’s numbers are dropping each weekend and will obviously continue to do so.

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