First on set look at Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch from "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver in Avengers Age of UltronI was already excited for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” as it’s easily my second most anticipated movie of 2015 (behind “Star Wars: Episode VII” naturally) but with these first on set shots I’m even more psyched to see it as we get a look at new recruits Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Quicksilver is sporting a fairly comic book accurate costume right down to the white hair(!) while Scarlett Witch has a bit more of a departure from her comic look. It works, but her stockings could probably be red to have the scarlet effect outweigh the black.

And the one outfit I was crossing my fingers would get a sequel makeover was Hawkeye, but it looks like Jeremy Renner will still be wearing his same utility suit from “Marvel’s The Avengers,” the only disappointing costume choice in the entire lineup. scarlet witch and hawkeye in Avengers Age of Ultron

Now hopefully Joss Whedon returns Iron Man to one of his more classic red and yellow armors instead of the mustard version featured in “Iron Man 3.” Whedon didn’t even care for the triangle centerpiece created in “Iron Man 2” and switched back to a circular center for “Avengers” so don’t be too surprised. I’m hoping we get some shots of Thor and Captain America soon as well as I’m very interested in their costumes for the sequel.

  • Fred

    ‘Age Of Ultron’ is definitely my most anticipated film of 2015 by far. Being these are the just set pics they look pretty damn good and cool to say the least. This looks like it’s going to be an epic action sequence.

  • Fred

    I’ll say this much too, with the way the cast for “Ant-Man” is rounding in I’m starting to get excited about that film believe it or not.

  • If it wasn’t for a new Star Wars film, Avengers 2 would definitely be my most anticipated film of the next three years LOL.

  • I’m becoming more and more intrigued with it for sure.

  • Fred

    Don’t me wrong now, I’m looking forward to seeing what ‘Star Wars 7’ brings to the table as well and I will be seeing it in the theater myself. Like you’re a huge Star Wars fan I’m a huge Avengers/Marvel fan. Disney are the ones with the biggest reason to smile because they will have the two biggest films of 2015 most likely.

  • Fred

    I’m still a lot more excited to see when Marvel will finally make official confirmations on ‘Black Panther’, ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ films finally getting release dates, but ‘Ant-Man’ certainly has my attention with the cast that’s rounding out for it.

  • I’d be shocked if they weren’t 1 and 2, but Fast and Furious 7 may have something to say about that. 😉

  • Fred

    Jeff F&F& will definitely be a huge hit. If F&F7 does indeed have something to say about that 1,2 finish ‘Age Of Ultron’ will certainly not be the film it will make more than, I can say with absolute confidence we both can agree on that. If it did finish in the top 2 ‘Star Wars’ would be the only one it has a chance at topping at the box office, since Star Wars is sorta trying to re-establish it’s franchise at this stage. To be honest if Whedon and co nail ‘Age Of Ultron’ like I think they can we’re probably looking at a 2 billion grossing film worldwide and I just can’t see any other film in 2015 touching those kind of numbers. I say that because “The Avengers” made over 1.5 billion worldwide, a number the Fast films have never come close to approaching and as great as their history is even the ‘Star Wars’ films have not accomplished that. All 3 films will be massive hits and make money though, make no mistakes about that.

  • Nah, wasn’t necessarily talking about box office gross, just which one moviegoers may enjoy more.

    Also, tonight: Captain America!!!

  • Fred

    Oh I see Jeff, now that a fair question. What film ends up being the actual best is always up for debate, hopefully all 3 of them will be great. Definitely waiting to hear your thoughts on the ‘Winter Soldier’, have you seen the figures from it, the ‘Winter Soldier’ looks great and I’m waiting to see ‘Falcon’.

  • I’ll be posting WS in a few hours!

  • Fred

    Cool Jeff, i’ll be waiting.