Bradley Cooper may take the whip from Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones reboot

indiana_jones_kingdom_of_crystal_skull Harrison FordSince purchasing the Indiana Jones license (along with Star Wars, Marvel Studios and your favorite T-shirt…) Walt Disney Pictures has been anxious to get a new Indiana Jones film out to the masses.

As franchise star Harrison Ford is fast approaching 72, he may not exactly make for the most credible action hero yet still far better than would-be predecessor Shia LeBouf.

So with rumors of “Indiana Jones 5” on the fast track, Latino Review is reporting that Ford may be getting replaced in one of his iconic [Note the appropriate use of the term Mark Wahlberg] roles as Disney looks to take the franchise to a new James Bond style direction with a new actor coming in to continue the role and utilizing a somewhat similar continuity. Disney’s top choice to assume the Roger Moore role is Bradley Cooper (“American Hustle“). Bradley Cooper A-Team

Cooper hasn’t been in a ton of action movies save “The A-Team” and maybe “Limitless” in a stretch, but he’d be as good a fit as anyone, but still does anyone really want to see anybody but Ford in the fedora and leather jacket?

  • keith

    im cool with it. An aged indy just isnt going to work any more. Either they can kill it or go younger for the kids born in the 00’s but we will always have the dvds for us 80 kids. Plus I think this generation needs a thinking man hero who can get the ladies. Minus that bum shia lebeouf of course.

  • Just no. So much no. A WORLD of no. Leave the franchise be. Let it go! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE MAKE AN ORIGINAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CAN BE DONE!!!!

  • LOL. But, but it’s Hollywood. There’s no such thing as an original idea anymore 😉

  • How about Bradley Cooper as Wonder Woman?

  • keith


  • That may be the only way to get WW as a standalone movie