Box office roundup – March 30, 2014 – "Noah" floats to top of box office

Russell Crowe as Noah1. Noah – $40 million [debut week] Weathering a storm of controversy, Russell Crowe’s latest fared better than more solidly Christian films “Son of God” ($9.5 million) and “God’s Not Dead” ($9.2 million), but since it’s more of a disaster style movie, a better comparison is to recent genre offerings “2012” ($65 million) and “The Day After Tomorrow” ($68.7 million). Good news for Crowe is this is his biggest headlining film since 2007’s “American Gangster.” The bad news? It’s going to have a very brief stay at the top once “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” roars into theaters next weekend.

Already opening overseas, “Winter Soldier” racked up $75.2 million in a little over half of the foreign market. “Captain America: The First Avenger” collected $41 million overseas so momentum is definitely on the sequel’s side before it opens in the U.S. on Friday.

Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment, LLC. Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James).
Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment, LLC.
Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James).

2. Divergent – $27.7 million [2nd week; $95 million in total] The YA success held up remarkably well in its second week with only a 49 percent drop, which is fantastic for the genre. It’ll reach $100 million likely by Tuesday.

3. Muppets Most Wanted – $11.7 million [2nd week; $33.5 million] Kermit and company captured the bulk of the family audience dollar this weekend and held up strong in its second week as well, only dropping 31 percent.

4. Mr. Peabody & Sherman – $9.5 million [4th week; $94 million] The other big family film is eyeing $100 million soon as well even if it may take longer in the week to reach that milestone.

5. Grand Budapest Hotel – $8.2 million [4th week; $24 million in total] Expanding to 977 screens, Wes Anderson’s latest had a solid weekend and fared the second highest in terms of gross per theater trailing only “Noah.”

  • Fred

    A very good opening weekend for “Noah” and not a bad second weekend for “Divergent” either, but you’re right Jeff in saying that ‘Cap 2’ will dominate the box office next week, and I think I will stay no.1 for a while once it opens. The overseas numbers are very impressive, even stronger than I thought they would be and this really bodes well for what it might do here in America. For a while now I thought ‘Winter Soldier’s’ opening weekend would land in the 80 million range like ‘Thor 2’ and it still might, but with the great buzz it’s been getting and the strong momentum the film has built up, I wouldn’t be surprised if it made a strong run at a 100 million opening weekend next week.

  • I’m kinda thinking it’s gonna hit $100M too. Buzz has been great on it and it already has that license to print money known as the Avengers banner. πŸ˜‰

  • Fred

    Yeah, ‘Thor 2’ topped out at 86 million it’s opening weekend, but had it had great buzz which it lacked, a 100 million opening might have been in play for that film as well. We’ll soon see how ‘Cap 2’ does. I think WB/DC is waiting to see how it does as well, not necessarily because of fear of opening BVS against ‘Cap 3’ but the fear of how much money it could cut out of their opening weekend which it would do. If the ‘Winter Soldier’s’ box office numbers are tremendous WB might be inclined to move Batman/Superman up a month, especially if ‘Cap 2’ proves that big money can be made in April for comic book films. WB could follow suit and say hell we’ll move to early April and have the month all to ourselves to dominate the box office. Now that’s just me throwing some thoughts out there, nothing more lol.

  • Yep. Batman/Superman needs to blink so WB can get some buzz for it and not be embarrassed by “Cap 3,” which after Friday will have a far bigger buzz than WB’s film.

  • Fred

    You could be right, I think among common fanboys Batman/Superman would have the biggest buzz, but among general movie audience who just watch movies and don’t follow comic book it could be a very different story. I try to tell fanboys sure you’ll be more excited, but your base is very limited compared to overall general movie audiences and to them Marvel is like a modern day ‘Star Wars’ in many ways Jeff, they are that damn popular now. And with ‘Cap 2’ getting the great buzz and rave reviews it is which will be followed by his role in ‘Age Of Ultron’, he’s going to post a far bigger threat to Batman/Superman than fanboys won’t to admit.

  • Fred

    Jeff I meant to say ‘than fanboys want to admit’, excuse my grammar my friend. Damn I’m off to a rocky and sloppy start today haha.

  • That’s funny. I think more of the fanboy contingent is happily invested in the Marvel Comics films while the mainstream audience may be a bit more excited about Batman/Superman.

  • No worries at all. Been staring at the computer all day so I’ve probably made some slips in responding today myself πŸ˜‰

  • Fred

    I’m not so sure about that Jeff, because going by the box office the general audience gears toward Marvel more. I guess i’ll just say internet fanboys on comic book sites, but everywhere else the contingent seems to be different. But obviously WB is waiting to see how ‘Cap 2’ actually performs so they can determine should they move or not, which is the right thing to do since they have time. I always say never move until given a legitimate reason to. If ‘Cap 2’ performs well but similar to ‘Thor 2’ or a little less, they might just say we’re staying put. But if ‘Cap 2’ really explodes and even exceeds expectations like grossing 700-800 million worldwide, than I could really see WB/DC moving Batman/Superman.