Tobey Kebbell is the face of (Dr.) Doom for new "Fantastic Four" film

Tobey Kebbell new Dr. Doom20th Century Fox narrowed its search down for Dr. Doom, the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis, to four candidates and “Wrath of the Titans‘” Tobey Kebbell emerged as the winner.

I like Kebbell and think he’ll be a good fit for the role. Hopefully we’ll see very little of his face so he can be truer to the comic book version and keep the mask on for the majority of the film.

What do you think? Did Fox make the right choice?

  • keith

    he better have the mask on and they need to ensure he has the voice or modify it. I see this as a no go. I would rather this get scrapped and a another hero get a crap at the screen. but fox well they going to drill baby drill till people cry uncle for no more FF movies