Here's hoping those rumors of Chiwetel Ejiofor as the next Bond villain are true

Ejiofor vs Craig James Bond 25We all know Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond is awesome and he’s entering the conversation as second best Bond ever now, but one thing that’s equally true of the best 007 films is they need an equally great villain.

After “Goldeneye,” with Sean Bean’s spectacular 006. Pierce Brosnan’s stint didn’t feature a foe that would rank in the Top 10 best Bond villains, but Craig has already matched up against one in Javier Bardem’s Silva in “Skyfall.” And now he may be getting another one.

chiwetel-ejioforVariety is reporting that Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave“) is MGM’s top choice to star alongside Bond. While lately he’s been cast as the main hero, my first exposure to him was as the calculating villain in “Serenity,” so I’m perfectly confident in his ability to play the heel.

The still to be titled “Bond 25” will be directed by “Skyfall” Director Sam Mendes and stars Naomi Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes and will be another of the highly anticipated films for 2015, a.k.a. “The Best Movie Year Ever.”

What do you think? Would Ejiofor make as great a Bond villain as I’m sure he’d be against Craig?

  • Fred

    My first real exposure to this talented cat probably came in the fantastic “Dirty Pretty Things” in 2002, when you really sit down check for the films this brother has starred in he’s played in quite a few good to great films. “American Gangster”, “Redbelt”, “Inside Man”, “Four Brothers”, “Talk To Me”, “Amistad”, “Kinky Boots”, “Melinda and Melinda”, “”Salt” and “Children Of Men” among others of course. It just goes to show you he’s been in the game a long time paying his dues and it’s good to see him get recognition for his talented work. He’s still one of my top 5 choices for the role of Black Panther, but if he get’s this role in James Bond great for him, perhaps he could do both though, you never know.

  • keith

    i gree 100% fred. If he can play an evil mastermind, then marvel will have to see he play a heroric one.

  • No problem at all with him being Black Panther as you’ll remember from my post in casting the role 😉

  • Fred

    Oh yes Jeff, we both agree on that. You know I’ve been saying for a while Ejiofor, Chadwick Boseman, Gbenga Akinnagbe(From DC where you are), David Oyelowo and Aldis Hodge are all great candidates for the role of T’Challa.

  • Fred

    True talk Keith, he could certainly pull it off without a doubt in my opinion. Because of Eijofor’s history with Joss Whedon in the ‘Firefly’ series and “Serinity” along with his starring role in Best Film winner “12 Years A Slave”, he remains in play for the role. Last time I heard Boseman and Eijofor we’re the top two candidates with Boseman emerging as the front runner as of late, I think we will finally get the answer by this year’s SDCC in July, I sure hope so because this announcement is way overdue for so many of us Black Panther fans.

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