Despite killer episode, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." falls to series ratings low

agents-of-shield-hydraEven with all the hype of last night’s game-changing episode that actually did change the entire dynamic of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” the show had its worst rating of the season. That’s a bit surprising considering how much ABC touted that Tuesday’s episode tied directly in to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which is safe to assume a few people saw in theaters this past weekend.

What’s wrong you people? It’s gotten really good!

Jack Nicholsom

Seriously, when the show was spinning its wheels it deserved the apathy it earned, but I’m a huge fan of filmmakers/show runners taking to heart feedback and making changes to a lackluster product. “SHIELD” is a great example of that and I’d hate for ABC, a network not exactly renown for its patience with shows that get massive ratings and actually need time to build an audience, to not renew it for another season.

ABC is replaying last night’s episode next week at 8 p.m. with a new episode set for 9 p.m. so there’s still time to catch it and not be completely in the dark come next week.


  • keith

    i think so many people left the show beforehand that they are realizing they should have dropped more marvel stuff. If they are lucky and I think disney should( I mean damn they have the money) will renew it. I heard it was renewed a couple of weeks ago, can that be revoked? Either way, im still mad ABC canceled GCB lol. Or reduce the budget move it to netflix and make a cohesive story with movie tie ins be damned. Go frank underwood on them.

  • keith

    and no more wack stories of chitauri diseases infecting firemen.. That was a low point. No more made up names.. This aint smallville. Hydra, AIM, dropped the hand for petes sake. too much marvel evil out there to be “scooby doo” on a plane. Even if skye makes a hot velma

  • Fred

    Viewers are weird man, there’s no other way to put it. They don’t know how to get over a low point and give something another shot when it hits high points., I’ll admit too there was some mediocre show that definitely could have been better earlier in the season, but the show has really hit it’s stride during the last several episodes and has raised it’s game immensely, but yet these dummies still won’t return to see that, if they would they see the big jump in the show’s quality. I’m not one of those back stabbing two faced viewers(yes I’m talking to you)who jumped ship early, I was patience throughout the show and waited to be rewarded with some outstanding shows and it’s happened. You see bandwagon frontrunners are funny style like that, when they hear that something is not up to par at the start, they leave.

  • I don’t think it’s so much bandwagon front-running as it is the shows weren’t up to par in the beginning and now ABC/SHIELD has to work twice as hard to get them back. But for all the connectivity the early Avenger films had it was a bad decision to make each episode in essence a one-off besides the hook of finding out what happened to Coulson. With those early storylines wrapped up, now the show has a much better sense of direction.

    The double feature idea for next week is a very smart step in the right direction.

  • ABC is second only to NBC in terms of canceling shows before they get a chance to build an audience. They’d be silly to cancel it after one season, but they do have a precedence for dumb decisions, i.e. dropping “Happy Endings.”

  • I’ll give them this. Those episodes definitely seem like a thing of the past now.

  • keith

    I will say this, if the legions of marvel fans were happy, I think the show would be extremely safe. Look at Scandal. ABC marketed it right, gave it time to be found by its audience (women who like mess and people into light political drama, and hot interracial/old man sex??) Plus the cast with their social media has made it an event. Honestly, I think they need to go real drastic and have a vote. I bet you one of those things will be have more episodes with some true heft as of late, or more marvel. Either go hard if its going to wrap up each episode or you get real dark. Honestly Archer even in its drunken state has a better over arching plot than this whole season. I think honestly only about 6 out of 17 episodes shine. Or if they started off good Ward or skye turned the tide. I guess im a little harsh as over its a C minus. Next season cant be vague at all.

  • I don’t mind a show taking time to find its voice. I have a much bigger issue with a good show tanking like “Heroes” or “How I Met Your Mother.”

    I expect some kinks here and there so provided these last few episodes or the new norm I’ll make watching it live a priority again when I’m not at screenings 😉

  • Loving that Hydra logo. With the box office performance of Cap 2, I’d expected some more cross over interest in the show. For fans that stuck around, they get a helluva episode. Never too late to jump back on the bandwagon. 😉

  • Fred

    I do agree that they dragged the Coulson situation on much too long and mistakes like that have indeed come back to bite Marvel in the ass. The show is much stronger now and hopefully as this season moves on viewers will realize that, put their stubbornness behind them and return for a show that’s getting dramatically better.

  • That’s the thing though Fred. People who watched it and didn’t like it aren’t necessarily being stubborn, they just didn’t like what they saw. Think it’s up to folk like you to spread the word that it’s gotten much better and that’s what will get them watching again.

  • Yeah, it looks pretty sweet.

    Indeed and ABC is smart to rerun that one before next week’s new episode.

  • Fred

    They are indeed smart to rerun the episode leading into next week’s new episode Jeff. I believe viewership will begin to return as long as they keep producing quality episodes like the have been doing for the past month or so. Word spreads around quick when something has big improvements and drastic changes for the better. When those reviewers who ran away and hid return, they’ll be in for a nice big surprise because they’ll be witnessing a far superior show. Perhaps after that they’ll say where the hell has this kind of quality been lol.

  • Fred

    While i’ll agree with you that the show hasn’t always been up to par where it should be, I can’t agree on a C minus, the show has been just too strong over the last several episodes to give it an overall grade that low. I would say the first 10 episodes it was about a B minus or C plus in my opinion, the last several episodes I would say are A minus level, excellent lately. I will give the show an overall season grade of about a B, I have a feeling it’s going to continue to be strong and ride the wave of a strong closure to Season 1.

  • Fred

    I agree Jeff, you can’t make folks like something or return back to see it again. All we can do is just spread word on how much the film has improved and tell them they are in for a real treat if they return and give it another chance.

  • Like I said earlier, these last few episodes are what people were expecting (fair or not) right away from the show but as word keeps spreading that it’s better I’d figure a decent amount will come back.