Box-office roundup – April 13, 2014 – "Rio 2" can't fly by "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

Marvel The Winter Soldier..Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie).
Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) soars in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – $41.4 million [2nd week; $159 million in total] Last week’s champ looked like it was going to have a short stint atop the box office, but a strong Saturday showing prevented a drop to second place. It stayed consistent with other recent Marvel Studios films – “Iron Man 3” and “Thor: The Dark World” both dropped more than 50 percent from their opening week haul, but “Winter Soldier” held up the best of the three sliding 56 percent.

“Rio 2” actually led on Friday, which wasn’t a big shock since it had been about a month since a new family film came to theaters so this isn’t a major upset, but Cap’s audience turned out in force on Saturday. Worldwide, the film is now at $476 million and will likely reach $600 million by this time next week.

Rio-22. Rio 2 – $39 million [debut week] The box office nearly went to the birds as the sequel to the lightly-regarded 2011 animated film looked like it was going to be swooping off with a weekend victory. The sequel disappointingly performed along the lines of the $39.2 million opening of its predecessor, and it will be interesting to see if it surpasses the $143 million total gross of the original.

3. Oculus – $12 million [debut week] The latest horror thriller for 2014 met with a similar fate of the earlier offerings and continues the genre’s struggles for a hit. The last horror thriller to reach more than $50 million was “Insidious: Chapter 2,” which grossed $83 million in September, but it’s clear the genre is not captivating audiences like it did in 2013, when horror thrillers routinely topped the box office and four went past $50 million.

Draft Day - Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner4. Draft Day – $9.7 million [debut week] Kevin Costner’s sports drama got mixed reviews from critics and it also didn’t merit first round status with audiences.

This was a puzzling release considering the timing was off. Seems like putting a film about the NFL draft would have benefited from coming out closer to the actual draft.

4. Divergent – $7 million [4th week; $125 million in total] – Shailene Woodley’s YA futuristic drama holds on to a Top 5 spot for another week as it appears to be winding down its run.

  • Fred

    You can’t stop Big Cap baby lol. It was a pretty close fight for the top though, I knew “Rio 2” would certainly give Cap a push. Just like animated films tend to do traditionally, Marvel films have a history of performing strongly on Saturdays. That’s why I knew when “Rio 2” out grossed ‘Cap 2’ on Friday and projections came in that ‘Rio 2’ would beat ‘Cap 2’ this weekend was premature.

  • Pierre Mooney

    It seems that THE WINTER SOLDIER is a good one . It is playing here so I get up to the city to se it.

  • Fred

    It’s a great film in my opinion Pierre, definitely see it if you get the chance to.

  • keith

    i took the wife to see rio 2. I love the animation in the series but I dont think a third is needed. Story was not to mind numbing for adults but I think its worth more as a rental. Not a sleeper hit like the first one. they swung and missed to me. Speaking of drafts Jeff, who you all drafting to replace Aldon Smith… smh. when will he learn?

  • With the Friday numbers, I really thought Cap wasn’t gonna pull it out since normally more families come out on Saturday. Interesting to see it buck the trend.

  • I definitely think you’ll enjoy it Pierre. Has a nice old school action/thriller vibe to it and I’m sure you’ll appreciate Robert Redford’s performance.

  • Seriously, no one will look more forward to this season starting than me. My boys are acting like some straight morons this offseason.

  • keith

    I am not even into the draft, but it is fun when the “who dats” are ready to see the Saints on the clock. a drunken good time. Im ready for those nba playoffs. RIP lakers 2014 season. and hopefully Mike D’s time with them

  • Yeah, seriously I hated the Mike D hiring in the first place and he did nothing to prove me wrong AT ALL. Sigh.

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