10 Things I thought about the MTV Movie Awards 2014 show #MTVMovieAwards

MTV Movie Awards 2014MTV had its annual Movie Awards show Sunday and for the most part, it felt like the world’s smallest awards show that should sorta mean something. Lacking a sense of unpredictability, irreverence and fun, this was a dull event totally devoid of any significant buzz-worthy moments. Here’s what stood out to me this year.

  • Fred

    Nicki is a very beautiful lady without all that crazy make up, as a matter of fact she’s fine as hell lol, excuse the language. You’re right Jeff, she should stay with this look. Now she looks like my future wifey, oh hell a brother can dream right haha.

  • keith

    Yep this sound like a waste of time. In fact I dont even think this crap was even promoted this year. It was like hey its the MTV awards. Poor conan. No tonight show, no late show. He is dying a slow death. I cant remember the last time i watch his show. I think once arsenio knocks the rust off his show will probably have better ratings.

    Yep nicki looks like a nice beautiful woman of color instead of a wanna be harley quin for a change. Even though I still the body is um a little rebuilt. Im glad she is toning it down. Sexy is okay but ( gets on soapbox) If I had a daughter, I would have to really have a long talk of self love and to not Fad chase when it comes to non role models like Nicki.

  • I’ll be waiting on my invite! 😉

  • Yeah, it was pretty lame all around.

    Nicki looks much better and is thankfully not just trying to mimic Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.