Game of Thrones The Lion and The Rose S4 Ep.2

I called it quits on Game of Thrones following the soul-crushing, all hope is lost conclusion of last season’s Red Wedding. I was tired of watching the noble, good guys always getting one-upped by the vile bad guys and otherwise betrayed leading to some horrific tragedy.

I’m old fashioned with my entertainment. I want the guys who have character, values and some sense of decency to eventually emerge triumphant — not have their pet’s head sewn atop their bodies. If I wanted to watch the bad guys win all the time I’d pay more attention to politics and corporate America. But some of my Facebook friends managed to convince me to stick with it for just a little bit longer. And I’m glad I did because in “The Lion and The Rose” featurng King Joffrey’s wedding to Margaery Tyrell, the bad guys were finally going to get their just desserts. Pun firmly intended. There’s SPOILERS inside….

Few quick thoughts:

I wish this Stannis Baratheon subplot would actually go somewhere. I feel like he’s been spinning his wheels ever since the failed second season attack.

Game of Thrones - Jamie left handed swordI’m finding myself very conflicted about feeling sympathetic towards Jaime now, which is weird because this joker started the series off hooking up with his sister and crippling little Bran Stark. I blame Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for making Jaime a character with tremendous depth and one not as easily labeled a “good” or “bad guy.”

There’s some shades of grey with every character up to this point, but Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) is just a truly awful excuse for a person. I’m hoping Ramsay isn’t long for the series, but he may have to be around for awhile now to fill the show’s evil bastard quota.

Game-of-Thrones-Peter-Dinklage-Tyrion-Lannister-Sibel-Kekilli-ShaeFor all the raving about Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on “True Detective,” Peter Dinklage reminded us that he has been consistently bringing the awesome acting for four years now and this episode was one of his best.

From trying to cheer up crippled brother Jamie, painfully breaking up with Shae, barely maintaining his composure as King Joffrey attempts to humiliate him at every turn to his realization of his new fate, Dinklage was masterful covering Tyrion’s emotions and firmly cemented his status as one of the series’ few characters you can root for without reservation.

GAME OF THRONES - 402 -- Pictured: Jack Gleeson, Natalie DormerIn my many years of TV viewing, I doubt I’ve been more satisfied with a villain’s death than Joffrey’s. I could have cared less if it was one of those Stark kids, Jon Snow, Tyrion or particularly strong pigeon at the rate he was going off in this episode. This petulant terror has been a nightmare for so many characters since Season 1 and if ever I wanted to leap through my TV screen to go after a character it would have been when Joffrey bragged that he would imagine he was using his new sword to cut off Ned Stark’s head again. I’m not sure if it was for his gall in saying that or the fact that he’s a sniveling liar since he didn’t actually cut Ned’s head off because he was too much of a punk to do it himself!!! Back to regular breathing…

game of thrones - joffrey dyingJoffrey was on a roll. All eyes were on him and he was acting like any power-mad king or 13-year-old bully, which is doubly accurate in this case. When he wasn’t dismissively throwing gold at performers or humiliating Tyrion he was not too slyly embarrassing his former bride-to-be Sansa and his bride with a play that crudely mocked both their brothers.

This was Joffrey at his absolute worse and as he breathed his last breath — thankfully in just as ugly a vicious a manner as he’d been to all the inhabitants of the kingdom since his ascent to the Iron Throne — there was a sense that finally, finally the tide is beginning to turn against the Lannisters in a meaningful, impactful way. And I absolutely cannot wait for next Sunday’s episode!

  • Barry Murray

    I have always wanted Joffrey to come to a sticky end. But, i am a realist in that for as much of an evil bastard as he was, he actually made for a compelling character to watch. As much as you say above you like the good guys winning, you also admit that our real world is run by tyrants who win by trampling on the little guys. It’s refreshing to see a show where the heroes are just as flawed as the baddies. And no-one is safe. With Joffrey, i was always wondering how far they would take it, and whether he would be kind for long.
    But i was still very much glad to see him go.
    With the wedding having taken place, it will be very interesting to see if Margaery will remain queen…
    Like you say, next week will be the one to watch.

  • Midway through last season he became boring to me as he was always going to do something hideous and nasty without any more depth than just being a bully.

    Tywinn is far more compelling to me as he has some form of logic beyond his cold demeanor. Cersei is also interesting as she has moments where she doesn’t seem as petty and cruel, but then she reverts to form, but she’s interesting. Bolton is another good villain, but his son doesn’t do much for me either.

  • Barry Murray

    Bolton’s illegitimate son has his part to play.
    And Tywin too.
    It’s all coming to a head.
    This will be an interesting season, to say the least, if it follows the path of the novels.

  • Oh I’m sure Ramsay is going to be huge. I just know he has already taken Joffrey’s spot as my most hated character.

    So should I figure on Episode 9 being another doozy?

  • Barry Murray

    I’d say so.
    If they follow the plot of the book, there is some exciting stuff ahead. But for me, a highlight was always seeing Joffrey go. Even with what is to come, i reckon *Joffrey’s end* will be a high point for many of this season.

  • Lol. Pretty sure I’ll be one of those still beaming about Joffrey’s end.

  • Barry Murray

    We all will, my friend. Mad King Joffrey’s rule is at an end. And not too long a time did he rule for.

  • Pierre Mooney

    What I like about the GAME OF THRONES is it follows real life in away. It is exciting as war is always exciting and full of intrigue. But equally like real life it continues to show us that the “good guys” do not always win Jeff. A long history of viewing foreign movies has taught me that. Americans seem to assume that all things turn out for the good which is how we end up in such useless wars. We once had Generals who understood about these things. General Sherman said a simple truth “war is hell”.

  • I hear you Pierre. I just like my relaxing entertainment to not have to resemble the real world all that much 😉

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