Arrow: City of Blood review S2, Ep.21

After the fall-out from last week’s episode, Oliver and company get drenched in the City of Blood.

We pick right back up from last week’s stunner with Moira’s funeral. The whole cast is here including Walter! Well, everyone except for Oliver (Stephen Amell). With effectively no chance for reconciliation now, the writers may have also effectively written out Walter from the series, which is a shame as I’ve always enjoyed Colin Salmon’s work.

At the repast, Thea (Willa Holland) is comforted by Laurel (Katie Cassidy) while Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) wonder where Oliver is, but they’re even more surprised when Isabel (Summer Glau) returns from the dead saying she hopes Oliver will show up at their funerals. I’m starting to think that Glau is making Isabel one of the most diabolical characters on TV right now.

arrow-seeing red emily-bett-rickards-as-felicity

After that not-so-subtle threat, Diggle and Felicity go back full circle from the start of the season searching for Oliver. Completely thwarted on their own, Diggle goes to Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and ARGUS for help. As Felicity geeks out over the ARGUS tech, Waller’s agents track Oliver down to his other lair. Because there’s no point in having a Fortress of Solitude if you can’t actually be alone, right?

I’m not sure if it’s because the events in the present time have become so entertaining, but the back half of the island flashbacks this season haven’t been doing much for me. Amell has become so great at distinguishing island Oliver and Arrow-era Oliver that it seems like we’re watching two different characters. This time, Oliver, Sara (Caity Lotz) and the other escapees are trying to pilot the sub to knock out Slade’s ship and get home. Nothing of any consequence occurs during this flashback. Maybe next week will be better?


Meanwhile, Isabel comes to Verdant to tell Thea gee, I’m sorry your mom’s dead and while I was in the neighborhood, I’m serving you an eviction notice since I stole your parents’ company out from under your dumb brother. Man, that’s cold — even for Isabel.

Laurel gets suspicious of Sebastian Blood’s (Kevin Alejandro) fortuitous path to becoming mayor and asks her dad, Quentin (Paul Blackthorne), for help. In this case tapping Blood’s computer where they discover a letter offering condolences for Moira’s death. Nice gesture, but unless Blood is a fortune-teller there’s something fishy since the letter is dated before Moira’s murder. Uh-oh.

At Lair #2, Oliver is broken and recalling Slade’s promise that someone else has to die, is prepared to offer himself to Slade to save the few remaining allies and family he has left. Speaking of, poor Roy has to spend the episode on the table knocked out by the tiger venom.


Thea is planning to leave Starling City and Oliver resurfaces to encourage that decision while apologizing to her for not always being the best brother, friend or whatever else she needed in a nice scene. There’s becoming less for Thea to do on the series with Verdant being shut down and I’m wondering if she will be the last one on Slade’s hit list.

Oliver calls Isabel telling her to meet him at the pier so they can end this, but after he delivers a great soliloquy as ‘Slade’ arrives, he gets knocked out and awakens to find himself back at Lair #1 with Diggle, Felicity and … Laurel?

Thankfully, Diggle and Felicity didn’t pull an Alfred. Laurel explains that Slade tried to hurt Oliver by telling her that he was the Arrow and she met up with Diggle and Felicity. Then she drops the major bombshell that Blood is working with Slade. Oliver is not having a good week. You’ve gotta give it up to the writers. They are not leaving this show stuck on status quo at all.

Oliver has a conversation with Blood and after name-dropping Slade, mentions that he’s the Arrow. Gee, telling the obviously corrupt mayor that you’re a masked vigilante definitely sounds like a great idea to me, Ollie.


Felicity tracks Slade’s army to a warehouse and Oliver, Diggle and Felicity head out. Laurel wants to join the team (Call us when you are wearing a blonde wig, black leather and fishnets Laurel), but Arrow says it started with three and it goes back that way. Hate to nitpick Ollie, but it kinda started with one, then two, but I see your point.

As Arrow spies on Blood rallying the troops, Diggle finishes placing some bombs around the warehouse, but before he can blow them, Isabel decked out in Ravager’s costume promises a death for a death. Arrow can’t free himself of Deathstroke goon No. 16, but Laurel arrives to help and they manage to escape. It may not matter for long though as Blood’s army has already started running amok in the city. R.I.P. Starling City Police tech guy.

Felicity gets a phone call from S.T.A.R. Labs, which we can only assume is the cure for the Mirakuru. But if that’s in Central City and Arrow is in Starling City how can Team Arrow get it that fast? They’d need someone there who can travel from city to city … in a flash.

See you next week!


Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/The CW

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