Box-office roundup May 18, 2014 – “Godzilla” devours the competition in stunning debut

Warner Bros. Pictures Godzilla marches in "Godzilla."
Warner Bros. Pictures
Godzilla marches in “Godzilla.”

1. Godzilla – $93.2 million [debut week] – For its 60th anniversary, Godzilla decided to have a box office party and everyone happily attended en route to what may be 2014’s biggest opener. Sunday numbers will determine if Godzilla’s latest was enough to beat out “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” for that lofty title, but second best isn’t bad either for a film that no one expected to leave this much destruction atop the box office.

Reviews of this are mixed as it’s got a “B+” CinemaScore, the same as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” If you remember “ASM2” had a stellar debut week and plummeted its second week. “Godzilla” is all but assured the same fate although it may have more to do with the release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” than a front loaded first week. With its success I wonder if distributor Warner Bros. execs don’t regret sandwiching it between two presumed blockbusters?

Glen Wilson/Universal Studios ZAC EFRON stars as frat president Teddy Sanders in "Neighbors."
Glen Wilson/Universal Studios
ZAC EFRON stars as frat president Teddy Sanders in “Neighbors.”

2. Neighbors – $26 million [2nd week; $91.5 million in total] Last week’s winner wasn’t able to pull off another upset after knocking out “ASM2” in the last cycle. It dropped 47 percent drop hinting the mixed reviews didn’t hurt it that much and that there’s still a wide audience for this Seth Rogen and Zac Efron comedy.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $16 million [3rd week; $172 million in total] – The web slinger’s ASM sequel is closing in on $200 million, but it appears that it will have an uphill battle trying to match the $262 domestic haul of the 2012 edition. On the bright side, the international gross has been great as it’s reached $633 million.

4. Million Dollar Arm – Despite the winning presence of “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm, Distributor Walt Disney Pictures’ latest sports drama didn’t exactly knock it out of the park. Brief aside. How is it that Hamm isn’t a bigger movie star? The guy stars on one of the most popular TV shows in the past decade yet hasn’t been able to find anywhere near the same success on the big screen. This just cost $25 million to make so Disney will easily make back its budget, but it didn’t come close to the $27 million debut of last year’s baseball smash, “42.”

The Other Woman Los Angeles premiere - Nicki Minaj, Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton5. The Other Woman – [4th week; $71 million in total] While it hasn’t quite had the same buzz as some of her other efforts, “TOW” is star Cameron Diaz’s third biggest comedy [Not counting “There’s Something About Mary” as that was more of a Ben Stiller vehicle]. By the end of its run, it will surpass “What Happens in Vegas‘” $80.2 million haul and may get close to “Bad Teacher‘s” $100 million total.





  • Fred

    A fantastic opening weekend for “Godzilla”, though I highly doubt after final numbers come in tomorrow it will top ‘Cap 2’s’ 95 million, big action films are rarely underestimated their opening weekends, early estimates ate usually always higher than the final actual numbers. When final numbers are I expect “Godzilla” to be between 91-93 million, either way that’s more money than I thought it would make it’s opening weekend. I was thinking 70-80 million, it opened to a sensational 103 million overseas as well, it’s shaping up to be a real monster at the box office. It will take a steep drop due to DOFP opening next week, but being that next week will be basically a 4-day weekend that should somewhat soften the blow. If ‘Godzilla’ can stabilize after that and show some legs it could end up around 225-235 million domestic, if not it will probably wind up between 200-215 million.

  • Fred

    Jeff I’ve been in the loop a little this week so forgive me, did you review ‘Godzilla’ yet? How much do you think DOFP will open with next week. I wanted say between 100-125 million over the 4-day Memorial Day weekend, but there’s something in the back of my head that keeps telling me that ever since ‘The Last Stand’ opened with 103 million the X-Men films domestic numbers have dwindled with each film. “Wolverine Origins” 85 million, ‘First Class’ 55 million and ‘The Wolverine’ 53 million. Now I do fully expect DOFP to break this shrinking trend and open big, but I don’t know if an 80-90 million Memorial Day weekend is out the question, eventhough it’s unlikely to open that low. Just looking at all possibilities.

  • I like monster movies, but this one didn’t do a whole lot for me and sounds like you weren’t impressed either. I definitely think the 16-year gap between this and the previous Godzilla film helped build interest.

  • Yep. And I don’t think it’s gonna have a big sure today (Sunday) either.

    Good point on Memorial Day weekend. Gonna have to do two box-office roundups πŸ˜‰

  • No worries. Yep. I did review it. The link to it should be right on Godzilla.

    I think Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan having promising roles and as well as stronger presence of Jennifer Lawrence in the trailer should probably turn the tide and out-gross the last three X-Men films.

  • Fred

    I’ve seen it, some people did come at you and disagree with your review on it. But you stuck to your guns and stood by your review which is exactly what you should do. people with always disagree with you because everyone has various opinion on a film and what they think of it. If something didn’t work for you certainly can’t lie about, that would defeat any professional credibility you have. I’ll tell you what I thought about it after I see it. I’m looking forward to seeing your film review on DOFP this week.

  • keith

    you are a gracious writer… I usually save that snark you got for godzilla for sports and political sites. not stuff for fun… I guess a sore spot was touched on some things lol. Hell yo

  • keith

    you gave neighbors a four and I loved it. Im not going to be you are the worst critic and blah blah. I would only save that for usually angry people on rotten tomatoes. I see no point in yelling a critic. Im just happy you write reviews for normal people and not some damn film student lectures lol

  • Pierre Mooney

    Yes, I sure the 16 years had a lot to do with it. It enjoyed 60 years ago when I eight too. After 16 years most folks had even forgotten the story. Although I think he still shows up some places on Saturday morning TV.

  • Thanks. The “Godzilla” response was far tamer than “Pacific Rim.” Thought I was gonna have to go to a witness relocation program after I didn’t love that one.

    Seeing it tomorrow. Hoping I will like it as much as the last two (“First Class” and “The Wolverine”).

  • LOL.
    Yeah some folks really don’t like when others disagree with them on movies I suppose.

  • That was one of my biggest things when I got into writing reviews. I did not want to get too technical and write a thesis paper with each review. It’s about movies! They’re entertainment so I didn’t want to make them boring no matter the subject.

  • I feel like you’re right. I seem to remember a Godzilla cartoon not that long ago either.

  • keith

    as much as I appreciate a great writer like a wesley morris… i really dont get his need to use audrey hepburn for movies in this century? Im like hell I guess I agree but how does this make hate or like this movie. he dont even rate them, he just writes a paper albeit a good one and thats that. Nothing speaks volumes like two thumbs up, a 10( spiderman…smh lol), or stars. that why i used to read roger ebert all the time. the shock jock writers usually just piss me off. they dont know the difference from a spike lee film from tyler perry

  • Fred

    Well I’m looking forward to seeing what you thought about DOFP. ‘Cap 2’ passed 700 million this weekend and TASM2 will soon join it, I think worldwide box office will be very close between those two. TASM2 just past ‘Cap 2’ in overseas box office and it looks like it might reach 500 million overseas in the end, but ‘Cap 2’ is going to end up around 260 million domestic and probably about 50 million more or so than TASM2 here. While DOFP looks really good and should be the biggest grossing X-Men film yet, I don’t know if I see 700 million worldwide for it considering no X-Men film has never made 500 million. I do think 500 million for DOFP is a certainty and 600 million is a good possibility, I’m just not sure about beyond that yet, how it performs in it’s first two weeks will tell me a lot about it’s chances to possibly reach 700 million.

  • Tonight’s the night on DOFP. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping it will keep the hot streak of X-Men movies going. Right now it’s faring pretty well on rottentomatoes, not that those stats always mean a lot to me πŸ˜‰