Re-launching the X-Men movie franchise #XMen #XMenDaysOfFuturePast

Xmen_classics_1_by_artadamsMore than The Justice League, Fantastic Four, Justice Society, Teen Titans or even The Avengers, my favorite superhero team of all time is The X-Men.

But I’ve yet to really see them appear on the big screen and since it doesn’t appear that Hollywood will be doing that anytime I decided to do what any self-respecting armchair producer running a blog would do — I’m gonna share how I’d make my own.

My favorite take on the team was when Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and later John Byrne would redefine the scope of a superhero team with epic adventures and story lines so revered they’re still being referenced today.
It’s also why I kinda hate the way the X-Men have been portrayed on the big screen. Specifically in the hands of Bryan Singer who is so enamored with Magneto and Mystique that he barely spends any time developing the actual X-Men not named Wolverine.

x-Men-MovieAnd after watching Marvel Studios create a license to print money with its Avengers franchise, 20th Century Fox wants the same thing. The only problem is that’s not gonna happen under this current X-Men movie regime, which is still maintaining the same status quo as the series debut in 2000.

x-men the last standIt’s why the license has started to have diminishing returns since 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand,” generally considered the worst of the franchise by those who care to acknowledge its existence at all. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” only managed $179.8 million (down from “Last Stand’s” $234.3 million haul), and “X-Men: First Class,” fell to $146.4 million in 2011. “The Wolverine” reached $132.5 million last year and now star Hugh Jackman is wondering how many more times he can play the role.Uncanny_X-Men_First_Class_Vol_1_4

Fox needs a dramatic overhaul of the license and it’s time for a new vision for the X-Men property. Since Singer — barring any actual consequences from this sexual harassment scandal he’s currently in — already has plans for “X-Men: Apocalypse” in 2016, I doubt any changes are forthcoming, but for fun I decided I’d play producer and relaunch the X-Men franchise.

So this week I’m gonna share how I’d do that. Tomorrow we kick things off with the casting call, which I’m gonna need your help on. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did working on it.






  • keith

    Its always fun to play pretend.. just like how i envision that a black panther or hell a t’challa cameo will happen one day but alas I fear america can’t handle it. Yeah they first need to go ahead and say okay “blank” will be the last movie for an aged magneto( not that he doesnt do a good job), its just that time. Plus the strange time jump.. I know time doesnt allways apply to mutants but they need to level this thing out after you do the time travel gimmick. Im just amazed how Marvel studios take and committ to something important like a continous storyline makes all this all over the map sequels inferior (batman, superman looking at you, spidey almost if the ultimate story was so good). I mean i get the overexposure for jlaw as she and wolverine are the biggest “it” names in the movie right now. But they need to upgrade Wolverine and friends real quick. With that said.. my azz going to see it opening day smh…

  • keith

    they need to go xfactor, original five and have the balls to attempt what FF is doing. a clean xmen reboot I think will snag the big fans like yourself.

  • Awww man. Let me find out you know about X-Factor too! My man! Loved that team 🙂

  • keith

    Well I kind of dont lol. i know it was the orgin of the reboot of the original five. just do that in spirit and kind of do both and get young people who can grow into at least 3 movies and dare i say it another logan to boot. he has been done and done well now its time to put him on hold. as much as cyclops is hated i feel like those five are like you know the family.. weird to say plus anything for more ice man and beast

  • Cyclops is my favorite. Time for me to (internet) bust some heads!

  • keith

    by the way “lemme find out ” is a current bounce song down here right now lol. 5th ward weebie if something um… different. and for complete ignorance you always look at the wally world vid again. sorry im going to get a lot goofier during the summer man, bear with me. I do have a serious request though as you are man of the people. I loved your earlier post on the 20 black actresses to keep us up todate ( i should have saved the link and looked at it again) I as a comic fan who hear of the lack of perspective at the big boys (DC and Marvel), I would love a list of current books, graphic novels, that either owned or focuses on our people. The moment this local artist I know book gets his book made I will be a homer big time for him. I feel like he is living the dream. His book is kind of like a final fantasy but kind of based in an alternate Africa. I know you are a busy man but maybe one day.. ( and that previous request, thank you gracious kind sir lol)