Calling all X-Men fans, cast an old school X-Men movie

Uncanny_Xmen_First_Class_1_by_BakanekoneiI keep feeling like Bryan Singer just doesn’t get the X-Men. They’re actually not about the exploits of Magneto, Mystique, Professor X and occasionally Wolverine. At their best, the X-Men were this multicultural collection of strangers who become a family. In Singer’s one-note version of the X-Men, the real team barely gets called up from the bench. So being an armchair director, I decided I’d have a little fun and make my ideal X-Men movie roster and have a little fun by having you all help me come up with the team.

Since my X-Men series focuses on the mid-70s team, that’s the lineup I’m gonna cast.

classic-x-men2Arguably it’s the best X-Men roster of all time anyway and the mix of personalities and backgrounds would offer this film an international flair instead of just having another superhero group where everyone has an American accent.

But here’s where I need your help. I’ve got options for each X-Man: Banshee, Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Professor X, Storm and Wolverine.

Your vote will determine who “gets” the role.  No need to hype it up anymore. On to the candidates.



Let’s kick things off with a screamer


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  • floacist

    Lesley Ann Brandt isn’t Black, she’s Cape Coloured of Indian descent. She’s only African by way of being born there.

  • Appreciate the clarification floacist. While I definitely wouldn’t suggest a blonde for the role, I think Brandt has the look of Storm just fine and any of these four would be a welcome improvement over Halle Berry.

  • floacist

    I don’t think its fair to cast a non black woman in the role. Roles in general are already scarce for black actresses, let alone comic book heroes.

  • Fair point floacist
    Who would you suggest?

  • floacist

    Unfortunately I can’t think of any names. I’d like to see a newcomer (that is tall and brown skinned) who is either African born or is capable of doing an African accent well.

  • I am loving Nicole Beharie in Sleepy Hollow, so that would be my thought.

  • I now want to see Karl Urban as Wolverine. Someone make this happen!

    And I think Colin Farrell does a really good job when he’s NOT the leading man – as such, I think that he could be a great Banshee!

  • Geesh. She’s another good choice. I really feel like I have to do that Storm re-casting again.

  • I was wondering if anyone else thought much of that by the way the votes were going.

    I’m thinking Farrell would be a fun choice and it’d be cool actually having an Irishman playing the role of the X-Men’s Irishman.

  • I feel like there’s a lot of good choices and they just went with the obvious one by casting Halle Berry.

  • Watched The Wolverine again this evening… Hugh Jackman is still pretty great as Wolverine.

  • I find that movie is sadly underrated.

  • And that’s the thing. I don’t even feel like she was the obvious choice beyond being black. There were tons of better actresses that would have made for a better fit, but Halle was seemingly the only name the casting directors knew.

  • Agreed!

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