Box office roundup – May 26, 2014 – “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

x-men-days-of-future-past-Omar Syd as Bishop_rgb1. X-Men: Days of Future Past -$90.7 million [debut week] As expected, the mutants dominated Memorial Day weekend with one of the year’s highest openings. The return of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Halle Berry to the franchise certainly helped attract audiences. The lure of seeing how the original trilogy stars would interact with the series’ new stars Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy proved to be an irresistible one for audiences.

With an additional $171 million international haul, DOFP brought in a total $261 million worldwide. And with Memorial Day to go, this should hit around $107 million.

That won’t be enough to beat out the $122 million opening for “X-Men: The Last Stand,” which set a franchise record when it debuted Memorial Day weekend in 2006 without benefit of 3D. “Last Stand” earned $102 million during the traditional three day weekend, but “DOFP” marks a strong turnaround for the franchise, which saw decreasing returns for the last three X-Men films since “Last Stand.”

The excellent critical acclaim and “A” CinemaScore should keep this atop the box office next weekend despite Angelina Jolie’s highly anticipated “Maleficent.”


Kimberley French/Warner Bros. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ford.
Kimberley French/Warner Bros.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ford.

2. Godzilla – $30.5 million [2nd week; $156 million in total] This one wasn’t a big surprise as it was all but assured to plummet when “X-Men” arrived, but the monster thriller had a staggering 67 percent drop from its opening weekend. Of the year’s biggest blockbusters, “Godzilla” had the biggest drop and will likely continue falling fast in the upcoming weeks. For the holiday weekend, it should roar to a total close to $40 million.

3. Blended – $14 million [debut week] Adam Sandler’s reunion with Drew Barrymore didn’t do all that much for audiences. Of Sandler’s last 10 live-action films, only 2007’s “Reign Over Me” ($7.4 million) and 2012’s “That’s my Boy” ($13.4 million) had worse debuts.

4. Neighbors – $14 million [3rd week; $117 million in total] Seth Rogen and Zac Efron’s frat comedy has been one of the year’s most unexpected monster hits, made even more impressive when you consider the film’s paltry $18 million budget.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $8 million [4th week; $185 million] This week’s haul wasn’t surprising, but with $489 million, Spider-Man’s sequel is the highest grossing international film of the year. In total, the movie has made an impressive $675 million worldwide and closing in fast on the $703 million of “Captain America: The Winter Solider.”

  • keith

    It makes up for the Last Stand. I dont know all of the cannon outside of the classic cartoon and general stuff. But I love young magneto. You feel a since of “okay he bout to f some stuff up” He can crush godzilla if he had too lol. Blink powers were great and so was quicksliver. im mad we didnt get more. Plus the music with the scenes were well done. ( i wonder if marvel owns the quicksliver name and fox cant use it??) I cant want to see how the Avengers use him

    . I loved how they blended first class and bridge over to the previous triology. They still need a new cyclops and its time to retire Halle as storm.. If they can do it for mystique they do it for her.. but they wont. I wasnt so high on bishop. He looked the part and Im glad he was brother through and through but I cant remember him saying anything. He need to come back in the series with rest of the “new mutants” More sunspot. I think they really did justice with the sentinels.

    I didnt even know young beast name in first class but My wife and I liked him in warm bodies. I feel like he has some star potential. He was great as a straight man to the strung xavier. Yeah they pulled a “Mcfly” on us but again it makes up for the depressing/directionless last stand Halle milked those 15 min lol. They need to pick the film up now in the 80s/90s and start this over with the young cast but with the enormous time jump i guess they dont want to screw up the first trilogy but i would be cool if they could gloss over that. I have to admit Jlaw fills the blue paint nicely but I kind of need her and jackman to fall back to cameo status but I guess it will be hard to do. To me this is the best non marvel film to date other than spiderman 2 and blade.

  • Sorry I missed this earlier. Bachelor Party + Vegas = not conducive to catching all the comments 😉

    Fassbender is so excellent in these films that only McAvoy comes close to being on his level.

    Quicksilver is one of those terms that’s so common that I don’t think anyone can trademark it. There’s also a DC Comics version Quicksilver as well.

    I like Marsden as Cyclops, but think they just haven’t done nearly enough with him to give fans a reason to like him. I believe he’s set to return for the next film.

    I hope their plans for a Mystique standalone are true so she won’t have to be so heavily featured in the next film.

  • keith

    Hey if gives us more reason to see sexy jlaw im good. I hope you had fun. I figured you kind of dropped off the grid for a minute lol. I did too before memorial day. You dont have to answer but you seem to be a west coast guy. It must be a thing to go to vegas on the holiday. I just go to the cheap version of that. Since we are kind of spread out down here, lots of us go to biloxi(casinos), new orleans ( casinos, other places lol), and destin and all the beaches in between.

    Well I know i dropps so many annoying topics on you, but what are the remaing movies of summer you are looking forward to seeing? so far, glad I skipped godzilla and I on the fence with The seth macfarlene western. I laughed during the trailer, but im afraid he going to piss me off some kind of way. just not in the mood for the racial jokes to be honest. I think i will place my dollars on your review. For me more goofiness, 22 jump street and think like a man too( bday week).

  • keith

    xmen continues to be the that one super hero francise all the women including my wife and inlaws love. I am trying to get them to keep coming around. They actually said Black Navity was a waste of time… speechless from the TP loving brood im married too. I told them anytime they release a christmas film in oh mid spring… probably not good lol

  • I’m from the East Coast actually so I had a long flight. Time zone shift is serious!
    I skipped a “Million Ways to Die.” I’m well over McFarlane and can choose what I want to review so my time is more important than being mad about another his unfunny movies.

    I’m working on that summer preview for the start of next week. 🙂

  • Yeah, you won’t find a lot of people raving about “Black Nativity.”

    Now you just have to get them on the Avengers films!

  • keith

    wife wont admit but they like them too. Thank you marvel for becoming an omipotent presence.. yeah.. the takeover has started. now give me a damn black panther movie lol.

    Thanks bro for the preview/update. I only bug you because well I love your work and none that crazy trolling. I hope my comments dont ward folks off but I know I can type a lot. I was telling my wife that I think Seth is getting the red box treatment. It wont be opening weekend. I have so much to catch up on dvd/books/ actually open some ps3 games while work cool off, I can skip a possible garbage movie. I will drop more on you on the books. I think i found some you will love. Ever hear of “SteamFunk”. A new take on steam punk. came out a couple years ago. trying to wrap up the Heroes of olympus series. that could have been such a good movie franchise.. smh. they blew.

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