• keith

    well it does give off a cinemax vibe bro. Im fine with the cover up. i dont think kiddies need to see it on their way to the movies

  • Interesting. I didn’t see the big fuss over it.

  • keith

    but as far as an adult.. oh yeah!( like kool aid would say)

    I had to share my thoughts on the movie you wont waste your time with. This is why I love morris long windedness sometimes. He described a joke i knew was coming that considering things with the clive bundy joker and donald sterling as the two faces of known and overt racism, i will just have to skip this in movies. besides i need to empty my netflix que and they added machete kills. seth seth.. smh… he is sliding down the scale with me just like kanye west did in his douchery. probably funny but it doesnt warrant my dollars

  • Hm, pretty sure the cover of Cosmo or whatever at the grocery story this week was a sexy woman in a similarly cut top. We’ve seen far worse on movie posters.

  • It definitely helped drum up some interest as it certainly isn’t that bad to me either.