2 comments on “Could Bane or Sherlock Holmes be cast as Dr. Strange? #Sherlock #DrStrange

  1. All three are very good actors, but you should have listed Jared Let’s name as well Jeff since he’s rumored for the role too. So that actually makes four very good actors who have been rumored for the role. If I had to pick in order who i think best fits the role of Stephen Strange i would say 1)Oded Fehr, 2)Jared Leto, 3)Benedict Cumberbatch, 4)Tom Hardy. I’ll say this much, if these four are truly the choices Marvel has a pretty damn good list to choose from. Thinking about it i believe all four actors could excel in the role. Come Comic Con next month i expect this to be done and solidified, I’m also expecting to hear some REAL Black Panther news this time as well. I’m going quite tired of going every summer and SDCC without hearing any Black Panther news from Marvel whatsoever.

    • Leto doesn’t work for me at all for Dr. Strange. Just not seeing it.

      I feel like you’re setting yourself up for disappointment hoping for Black Panther news. I hope you’re wrong, but he doesn’t seem to be as big a priority just yet.

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