Box-office roundup – June 8, 2014 – “Fault in Our Stars” shines bright with $48M debut

ansel elgort and shailene woodley in The Fault in Our Stars1. The Fault in Our Stars  – $48.2 million [debut week] Shailene Woodley strikes again. The “Divergent” star leads her second consecutive 2014 film to a box office crown. Some box office experts seemed surprised with “Stars'” showing, but quick, name the last Young Adult film geared toward pre-teen and teenage girls in the last five months. Expect similar shock and awe in two more weeks when “Think Like a Man Too” outperforms expectations. For as quick as Hollywood studios have been to jump on the comic book bandwagon, it’s been equally slow in putting out YA films that aren’t just “Twilight” and “Hunger Games” clones. Maybe this will spark some more creativity in Hollywood, but I doubt it. 20th Century Fox is enjoying the vacuum however, as it only spent $12 million on the film, almost assuredly ensuring that “Stars” will be one of the most profitable films of the year as its “A” CinemaScore and favorable critic response should lead to solid word-of-mouth and potentially strong repeat business. And for a sixth straight week we’ve got another new box office champ.

2. Maleficent – $33.5 million [2nd week; $127 million] Angelina Jolie’s fantasy adventure held up pretty strongly in its second week. For the first time in far too long, the top two films this weekend are headlined by women. Midway through the summer movie season, it’ll be very interesting to see how these two hold up in the coming weeks.

Warner Bros. Pictures TOM CRUISE as Major William Cage in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' sci-fi thriller "EDGE OF TOMORROW."
Warner Bros. Pictures
TOM CRUISE as Major William Cage in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ sci-fi thriller “EDGE OF TOMORROW.”

3. Edge of Tomorrow – $29 million [debut week] – For all of his A-list celebrity status, Tom Cruise has struggled to capitalize on it as of late. “EOT” fared worse than Cruise’s previous sci-fi effort, “Oblivion,” which had an underwhelming $37 million debut en route to an $89 million haul. Internationally, “Edge” has earned $60.3 million and will need to shoulder the load to make back the film’s $178 million budget.
4. X-Men: Days of Future Past – $14.7 million [3rd week; $190 million in total] This is an interesting week as this is the farthest a lone comic book film has been in the Top 5 since before April with the arrival of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

5. A Million Ways to Die in the West -$7.1 million [2nd week; $30 million] Seth MacFarlane’s Western comedy is falling fast and definitely won’t get anywhere close to “Ted.”

  • keith

    i kind of only want to see cruise in MI films. Im still a little wacked out by him and well i rather rent Elysium as I havent made time for that yet. It just seemed silly for a sci fi ground hog day with those exo suits… just wasnt feeling. Plus I think about 20% of population with netflix was was orange is the new black this weekend. the hype made me and the wife start season 1. glad we did

  • The premise may sound crazy, but it worked and I was leery of it too.

    Sounds like a good number of people I know were on it. How’d you like Season 2?

  • keith

    Im only on season 1 episode 5 lol

  • What do you think so far?

  • keith

    love it, digusted by it, love it some more, dark humor, but nothing is kind out of the realm of reality. whats amazing is how i feel for the ladies when they going into their back stories in flashback form. Its done subtle, no hellish island cutaways lol. Piper story is kind of the weakest one so far in the past. She works well in the present. Jason biggs still getting run out of his goofy nice guy act, and it fits. So glad this didnt go to network.. I think only FX could have pulled it off, but of course it way more ummm gritty this way. its no OZ… yet. Its amazing how more civilized women who are killer are still more civil than your average drunk guy lol. Some of the characters are just digusting( the chicks who look like charles mason followers)

  • keith