Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley celebrate bdays

celina jade from arrowKate Upton and Austin Powers star ring in June 10 bdays

Big day for birthdays featuring a trio of gorgeous woman including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton.

Celina Jade (29) – Somehow I’m able to forgive Shado for wrecking Ollie and Slade’s friendship and hoping we’ll see more of you via flashbacks/hallucinations in Season 3 of Arrow.

Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley (49) – Geesh, has it really been 17 years since the first Austin Powers? Sorry Tomorrow People didn’t work out for you, but here’s hoping Viktor is a success later this year.

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Kate Upton

Kate Upton (22) – Congrats on entering yet another year of making men speechless from simply being you. a-kate-upton-bikini-gifHopefully you’ve got more movies lined up beyond The Other Woman because that would be just all kinds of awesome for all of us.

Kate is kind of the amazing presence that bikinis were always made for. And if there was no other reason to watch The Other Woman that beach running scene made it all worthwhile. What would you consider the best kind of followup for Kate’s next movie?






Kate Upton dancing in bikini

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  • keith

    good job. I dont think acting is quite her bag, but being hot is. I just wish she had a bit more curves on the butt though lol.

  • Being hot, for however limited a time it is, definitely is a talent.